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Jane panics when she realizes she forgot to plan Lina's birthday. She tries to throw a party together last minute and fails. Lina is upset when she finds out. Rafael wants to kiss Jane again, but she just wants to talk custody. Rafael says he wants to split custody equally. Jane gives him a list of instructions for Mateo. Later, Jane sees his instructions crumpled up by the trash can and gets mad. When Jane hides from Rafael in a storage closet, she gets stuck. Michael ends up being the one to get her out. As this happens, Rafael shows up. Michael defends Rafael and says Petra was probably the one to throw it out since she took a picture of them kissing and showed it to him. Luisa arrives at this moment after her captors released her. Michael brings her in to question her.

Michael, still on the hunt for Rose, wants Rafael to hire Heidi Von Ocher to yodel at the hotel, since has some sort of connection to Rose. Michael questions Heidi when she arrives in Miami. Michael's new partner, Susanna, talk with Luisa and Susanna figures out the captors may be a connection to an old gangster. Rafael confronts Petra about her scheming, but is surprisingly kind when turning her affections down. Before Jane can finish getting ready to go to Lina's birthday at a club, Michael stops by. They share an affectionate moment. Michael decides to open up and tell her about what really happened with Nadine.

At the club, Jane apologies to Lina who accepts. They have a great time and recreate their dance from the talent show they did when they were little. They even share a sweet moment in the bathroom where Jane must pump and dump her milk since she's been drinking alcohol. In her semi drunk state, Jane realizes she didn't pay attention to her texts and goes to the hotel to pick up Mateo when Rafael went to her house instead. At the hotel, Jane runs into Michael. They share a passionate kiss. 

When Jane arrives home, where she finds Rafael asleep on the coach. She tells Xo how the kiss was perfect and that she belongs with Michael. Jane freaks out when she realizes the baby monitor was on. She goes to the living and think Rafael is still asleep. Turns out her wasn't and heard everything. At the police station, Susanna seems to have questions about Nadine. Turns out she was paired with him so she could figure out what he's hiding. At the hotel, Petra is shocked by the reappearance of Milos. He tells her he will marry her. Also, Luisa hooks up with Heidi and discovers an email on her laptop they may be from Rose.

Elsewhere, Rogelio had to deal with being blackmailed by Luciana. Apparently, she has videos from when Rogelio was a Scientologist where he divulged all his secrets. He gets the upper hand, and she gives him all the videos. Before she leaves, she tells Xo about one video in particular. Rogelio seems intent on Xo not knowing what's on it.

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Fitness Instructor: You look amazing. What's your secret?
Lina: Birth control.

Michael: You okay?
Petra: Just a little nauseous.
Michael: Yeah, probably karma.