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Jane gets accepted into grad school, but soon realizes balancing her career aspirations and being a good mom will be a juggling act. Jane finds out if she wants to go to grad school, she will need to complete a prerequisite class beginning immeditaely. Jane feels awful for potentially leaving Mateo at only 3 weeks old. After a failed attempt at bringing Mateo to class, Jane decides to put off grad school. Thankfully, her mother and grandmother remind her she needs to continue reaching for her dreams, so she calls the school to be readmitted.

As everyone was getting ready for Mateo's baptism, Rafael forgot that he asked Michael to be Mateo's godfather when Michael helped rescue Mateo. Jane tried to talk to Rafael but he was distracted by Petra and he surprising news. Turns out Petra is really pregnant. When Rafael tells Jane, she is shocked too. When the three of them sit down, Petra says there are three options: abortion, she moves away, or they all co-parent together. Jane hates the idea of Petra being a part of their lives forever. After Michael gives her some good advice, Jane tells Rafael they need to go with the third option. Rafael kisses Jane, and Petra walks by as he does and takes a picture.

Michael got some terrible advice from Rogelio about acting manly in front of Jane. This meant acting aloof and cold. Michael struggled and Jane eventually found out what was going on through Rogelio. Later, Michael gives her journal where he write down everything he had wanted to tell her over the past few days. 

Xo thinks Rogelio needs to get over his ex wife by having her come and screen test for his show. However, she was stunned to see so much passion between the exes that she left the shoot. Alba reminds Xo that she walks on things when they get to hard, so Xo and Rogelio work things out. Rogelio gets nervous when it seems his ex will be blackmailing him with some mysterious footage.

Elsewhere, Luisa has been kidnapped, but not by Sin Rostro. 

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Jane: Hey, are you okay?
Narrator: How do you find the words to say that your psychotic ex wife inseminated herself with your stolen sperm?
Rafael: Yeah, totally.

Rose did this, didn't she? Oh my God. I can't believe this. This is so crazy, but it's also kind of romantic, don't you think?