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Jane finally feels ready to get back into the dating pool, but she realizes her flirt assessment is way off. Rafael and Petra try to help her out, but Jane ruins a perfectly good conversation by bringing up the fact that she's a widow. During a boxing session with Dennis, she detects some flirting going and ends up going mini-golfing with him. However, things get awkward when they realize they aren't reading each other's signals right. Dennis ends up giving his girlfriend a second chance and Jane has eyes on Rogelio's new co-star, Fabian. 

Xo tries to avoid telling Rogelio about her breakup with Bruce until his case is finished. However, Rogelio continues to panic because his new telenovela is about to begin, and Bruce hasn't been responsive to his calls and texts. Bruce decides to quit saying he can't do his job. Xo admits her feelings to Rogelio and they reunite. He also has to use the first year of his new salary to pay off the money he owes to the reality show producers.

After their night together, Rafael worries that Petra has feelings for him, and he tries to shut her down. Instead, Petra is much more preoccupied by getting Chuck's attention. Rafael's jealousy continues to grow until it's clear he's the one who's feelings have returned, not Petra's.

Alba and Jorge go on a date, but Alba realizes they are at the same mini-golf as Jane and Dennis. While hiding, Alba and Jorge start making out and get caught by a mini-golf worker.

Dennis and his partner suspect Petra has been in contact with Anezka, and they monitor her email showing that she has been in touch with her sister.


Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Rogelio: Tell me, did I do something to offend him?
Mateo: Did you forget to say "God bless you" after he sneezed?
Rogelio: No, I don't think so.

Well, I was scooped up, but then my husband died. No, but I mean I'm like almost totally fine.