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Jane is excited to start marketing her book, but she's not on board when the publishing company wants to use her drama-filled past as a way to sell the book. She eventually realizes it's okay to talk about Michael and her history. 

Jane continues to have the hots for Fabian, much to Rogelio's dismay. Fabian helps out Jane so she can get more Twitter followers. Later, Rogelio tells Fabian that Jane likes him. Fabian goes to Jane's book fair and starts to develop a crush on her. He shows up at Jane's house. Quickly after asking her out, they start making out.

After Fabian asks to hang out with Rogelio to get pedicures, Rogelio reveals to Xo that he is worried about moving on from his friendship with Michael. He doesn't want to replace his best friend.

Alba tells Jorge that she can't have sex without marriage. She thinks he doesn't want to date her anymore, but he surprises her by saying he still wants to see her.

Luisa and Rose (disguised as Eileen), return to The Marbella. Luisa wants to keep working on her relationship with Rafael, so she can see the twins. Rose is paranoid about staying in the hotel. They end up switching rooms which messes up Rafael's plan on spying on them.

The police tell Petra she needs to convince Anezka to return. When Anezka does arrive, she is arrested and put in jail.

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Rogelio: I would do anything to be big again... to be with my love, the lady scientist.
Narrator: Also known as a scientist.
Fabian: But I am also in love with the lady scientist.
Narrator: Again... scientist.

Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy afternoon.