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After deciding that it's about time to move out of her Abuela's place, Rafael agrees to find Jane the perfect apartment. 

While she's visiting him at the office and brainstorming best ways to help Mateo with his ADHD diagnosis, she meets the new girl he's dating, Julie (guest star Sophia Bush). 

Given their very recent break-up, Jane's jealousy takes over and she does what any other sane ex-girlfriend would do: she stalks Julie's Instagram. 

Petra informs her that Julie can see who is looking at her stories so Jane resorts to using Xo's phone.

While scrolling through the gram Jane sees that Julie posted a photo of a koala gripping a leg and calling out her man's baby momma for being a clinger. 

Jane's furious, but Petra convinces her to be the bigger person and refrain from meddling in Raf's love life. 

But not meddling is difficult for Jane. When Julie confronts Jane and asks her if there's still something between her and Raf, Jane assures her that they are strictly co-parents. She also assures Julie that Raf is really smitten with her. 

Except that Raf isn't. 

As the co-parents check out a vibey apartment, Rafael confronts Jane about her meddling and informs her that he was hoping things with Julie would just fizzle out because he's just not that into her. 

Both cannot stop laughing as Raf lists the reasons why he doesn't like Julie. 

Jane assures him that she thinks there's something special about Julie and that he should make a list of the qualities he wants in a woman. 

After being the "bigger person" and basically instructing the man she loves to move on with his life, Jane and Petra hit the town to meet men. 

While meeting anyone over the age of 23 is unsuccessful, Petra and Jane get very drunk together off of tequila shots. 

Meanwhile, Raf's list of qualities makes him realize that no woman, no matter how incredible, is going to be Jane. 

When Jane meets him to talk, he tells her that he's still in love with her and he doesn't want to pretend that he's over her anymore. 

As the two kiss amongst a dream-like background, flower petals start falling the same way they did when they shared their first kiss in Jane the Virgin Season 1. 

Then, the trees begin singing just like they did in Mateo's school musical and the whole cast, including Julie, launches into a cheesy song-and-dance musical number. 

Elsewhere, Jane and Rafael try natural remedies to control Mateo's ADHD, but when he has a breakdown during the musical because he's distracted by a baby crying, Jane agrees that medication is the way to go. 

Petra is on her best behavior after re-hiring Krishna. She sends Krishna to tell Milos that she will not be threatened into getting him out of jail and doesn't care if he tries to sell the hotel. 

However, when Krishna confronts Milos she tells him that she is willing to work with him to take Mrs. Solano down once and for all. 

Rogelio hires a bodyguard to protect him from River's wrath. He believes she's going to retaliate for getting turned down by him. 

River and the very buff bodyguard, Laird, fall for each other and it's revealed Darci set it up so that River would stop torturing Rogelio. 

As for River's promised vengeance, she allowed Rogelio to torture himself by assuming she was going to come after him for weeks. 

Back at home, Xiomara is scared she's never going to find a new passion for life, but she doesn't want to seem ungrateful for her second chance at life after surviving cancer. 

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Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

You know how to old saying goes. First comes love, then almost-marriage, then platonic friendship, and then he's your real estate agent.


Who's that woman in her profile picture with her? It's the twenty-first century, why haven't we figured out how to zoom in on a thumbnail?