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On the final night in Miami, the crew decides to spend some quality time at home with each other.
Mike, of course, bags on Sammi for doing the least in the house. But then Mike made the biggest mistake of the night by bagging on Vinny, exclaiming that he was "Most likely to be a follower."
Neither Vinny nor Jwoww appreciated that one.
JWOWW then went up to Mike and said very firmly to him that he's fake, then gracefully makes her exit out to the back patio.
After her exit, Mike made a derogatory remark to the rest of the group on the couch saying that Jwoww was fake. Pauly appeared to nod in approval.
Snooki, seeing this take place and being JWOWW's best friend in the house, decides to let her know.
JWOWW has a huge confrontation with Pauly after telling Mike that Pauly had at one point talked behind Mike's back and Pauly goes off on JWOWW and Snooki. 
A frightened Snooki storms off in tears, upset that because JWOWW went on her rampage, everyone hates her now. She proceeds to pack her bags in anticipation of leaving.
Mike, being the good guy he is, goes outside and explains to Snooki that everyone loves her in the house and no one has any hatred towards her.
Then he scoops her up over his shoulders where she then expresses that her "koo-ca is showing" and he brings her inside.
In the living room, the cast ends the season on a good note where they resolve their conflicts and end the Miami experience on a good note. Mostly.
Jersey Shore
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Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

That air boat is serious, the propeller is huge... that'll work better than my hair dryer, maybe instead of 25 minutes to do my hair it will only take 10.

Pauly D

Aww yeah, crocodile's gonna eat me, yeah!

Pauly D