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Everyone heads to the Bennetts for Mags's Whoop Dee Doo party.  Raylan is there to protect Carol Johnson, who meets with Mags to finalize the deal with Black Pike.  Mags outwits the company and gets triple the amount of money they were offering, plus a stake in the company that owns Black Pike.  Boyd helped out in the deal so Mags gives him free reign in the county.

Loretta sees Coover wearing her a watch that looks like her dad's.  Later that night she bring Coover some "wet weed" to get him to pass out.  Once he's knocked out, she finds the watch and sees that it is her dad's.  She call Raylan to save her, but Coover wakes up and gets to her first.  He attempts to bring her out to the mine shaft to show her Mr. McCreedy's dead body, but Raylan saves the day.  He shows up, shoots Coover and throws him down the shaft.

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Justified Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Raylan: Payin' respect. Show you're here with peaceful intent.
Carol: Who says I am?

Boyd: This is a picnic on a Sunday afternoon.
Ava: Wish I had packed a basket.