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Boyd shows up at the bar and finds Jimmy duct taped to a chair by the Mexicans. They kill Jimmy. Boyd disguises texts to Raylan as if they are going to Daryl. They set up a meeting at Ava's place. Tim and Rachel show up and take out the Mexicans and save Boyd.

Raylan visits Kendal in prison to tell him he's being charged as an adult. Raylan tries to connect with Kendal, but the kid doesn't recant his confession.

Since Kendal wouldn't give up his uncle, Raylan approaches Wendy and asks her to wear a wire and get Daryl to confess. She initally says no, but ends up recording him on her phone. Raylan shows up, but not before Wendy reveals the recording to her brother and shoots him dead.

Raylan visits Art and finds out he's being transferred to Florida. He shares the good news with Winona. Before he goes, Vasquez wants Raylan to help bring down Boyd.

Ava's got herself in a big mess in prison. She ends up getting released, but it comes at a huge cost. She has to help Raylan by informing on Boyd.


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