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On the season premiere of Justified…

Raylan decides to stay in Kentucky to take down Boyd in the RICO case.

He tracks down the Mexican police officer who jacked the truck full of bodies from Boyd, who tells Raylan that Dewey Crowe was there.

Dewey gets out of prison, with the suit that says Raylan has to stay 1000 feet away, but Raylan questions him anyway.

Dewey returns to Boyd, who is preparing to rob a bank. Dewey is set up as the bait, which Raylan and Tim discover after tracking him instead of Boyd.

Boyd gets away with a safety deposit box that contains a ledger and other papers.

Raylan speaks with Art, who offers the suggestion that Raylan may not come out victorious in the battle with Boyd.

A man arrives on Raylan’s property offering to purchase, but Raylan declines.

Rylan tries to get Ava to give him information on Boyd but she doesn’t have anything. He tells her she needs to or else she’s no use to him.

Dewey goes to Boyd asking why can’t things go back to the way they were. Boyd says things are changing and he shoots Dewey.

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