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On this episode of Justified…

Raylan runs into a former mine worker who he forces to help guide him up the mountain.

Raylan gives him a note that says he can have his home and land in case he doesn’t make it back down the mountain.

Ava, fearing Boyd will find her, heads back down the mountain. Zachariah stays at the cabin to wait for Boyd.

Boyd forces a guy to use his truck and drive him to the mountain.

Raylan finds Zachariah and asks where Ava is.

He decides to follow Ava, worried that Boyd won’t come to the cabin.

Bob is tracking Raylan and finds Ava. He arrests her, but hears gunshot in the distance.

He gets into a gunfight with Boyd, and Ava manages to escape.

Rylan and Boyd come across each other, but Raylan goes to help Bob.

Zachariah tries to blow himself up when Boyd shows up.

Ava is captured by the police, who are going to take her to Avery.

Rylan takes Bob to the hospital, and two officers point their guns at Raylan.

The U.S. Marshals are looking for Raylan, and Wynn plans to get out of Kentucky.

Avery meets up with Loretta.

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Justified Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Boyd: How you know I wasn’t some Boy Scout looking for his tent?
Raylan: Your teeth glow in the dark.

Before you try to seduce me, just know it’s been tried before.