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On the series finale of Justified…

Raylan is taken in by police, but Art manages to pick him up.

After some convincing, Art and Raylan try and track down Boyd.

Avery, holding Ava hostages, forces her to call Zachariah for the rest of the money. Instead, she gets Boyd.

Boyd shows up and shoots everyone, except Ava.

Raylan follows and tries to get Boyd to draw on him.

Rylan arrests Boyd and he is taken to prison.

While Ava is being taken by Raylan, Boon crashes into his car.

A standoff between the two ensues, with Boon killed and Raylan grazed in the head.

Ava escapes.

Four years later, and Raylan is living near his daughter and Winnona, who has a new significant other.

Raylan gets a tip about someone that looks like Ava and he investigates. He discovers she has a son. He lets her stay instead of bringing her in.

Raylan vists Boyd in prison and tells him Ava is dead.

Boyd asks why he came to visit and Raylan says that they dug coal together.

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