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Katy rushes to start her apprenticeship, but she learns that there is a whole line of women looking for the job. 

Guy tells her to get his dress back from Xandra, and it forces Katy to go see K.O. in underwear as he is photographed. 

Xandra refuses to hand the dress over, so she invites them to the party. 

At the party, the truth comes out about Kiss of the Spider Woman, and Pepper looks like a liar. It doesn't help matters that Miss. Freesia told all about Pepper and her father. 

We learn Pepper's dad is the concierge for the building. 

Katy sets out to bring the dress back but she argues with Xandra and KO. 

They later give her the dress, and she gets the job. 

Jorge reaches out to his ex when he realizes he is in trouble. Buzz admits that he has come out of the closet and wants to help him. 

Jorge seems to be torn between the two. 

Josie films a music video and finds herself in trouble when it is removed. Mr. Cabot wants her to lead a band. 

Katy Keene
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Katy Keene Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Guy: Do you see yourself having a problem prioritizing this job over whatever drama you may be hypothetically be experiencing?
Katy: No, I pride myself in keeping my work life and private life separate.

Here we go, for real this time.