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It's Valentine's Day and Katy learns she has to work the night of K.O.'s big fight. 

She lies and says she can't get it off, and Amanda later tells K.O. the truth. They argue and K.O. says he feels like moving in with her was a consolation prize for not marrying him. 

Katy says they will get their own place, but she finally confronts her feelings about him, saying they are going in different directions. 

This allows them to part ways amicably. 

Jorge is growing frustrated with Buzz because he doesn't want to be seen with him in daylight. Jorge dumps Buzz when he learns that he did not go to Molly's. 

Jorge moves on with a hot firefighter. 

Pepper returns to the world of escorting to get the money she needs for her building. This does not sit well with Amanda when she returns all of the stuff he bought her. 


Katy Keene
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Katy Keene Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

It's Valentine's Day and I am determined to make it our best one yet.


Katy: I'm going to kill Buzz.
Pepper: Me too.
Josie: I'll help, and then we'll bury his body in Riverdale where he'll never be found.