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Kim and Kourtney join Khloé on a trip to Cleveland to learn more about her life with boyfriend and Cleveland Cavalier Tristan Thompson. They explore the city and make trips to the Rock and Roll hall of fame and an indoor amusement park. They also discover how serious Khloé's relationship is when they realize she's practically moved into Tristan's home. 

On their trip, Kim follows all of the news surrounding Caitlyn's memoir and discovers there was a lot added to the book after she read her advanced copy, including Cait's gender reassignment surgery and a false story about Robert Kardashian knowing OJ Simpson was guilty. Kim, Kris, Kourtney and Khloé are furious and reveal they do not speak with Caitlyn much anymore.

Not long after Kendall's controversial Pepsi commercial is released, the backlash begins and Kendall is forced to deal with it. She understands what was wrong with the ad, but doesn't know how to move on. She also worries about what her dad Caitlyn will say to the media, and despite Kim calling and warning Cait not to say anything about the ad on her book tour, she does anyway. Kendall is even more upset after Caitlyn claims "Kendall saw the script and said it was OK" before the commercial was shot, and is worried about the future of her career.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians
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