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Dave is sick. He and Yvette try to keep it from Kevin. Yvette eventually starts feeling sick too. Later on, they both realize that the reason they're feeling sick is because they are hungry. They devour a pizza, but they wonder how often they'll have to eat and what it means for them that they are developing another human quality.

Dave wants to tell Kevin, but Yvette doesn't because they're supposed to be there to protect him. 

Kevin is still working on trying to get Tyler to forgive him. He makes a friendship shirt that Tyler doesn't accept. He then tries to apologize via a grand gesture with fireworks, but he doesn't realize that Tyler is afraid of fireworks. 

Finally, Kevin enlists the help of Kristin. Kristin has to prompt him to consider something that made Tyler happy before. Kevin can't come up with anything, so he uses Dave to take him through Tyler's happiest memories. 

Kevin decides to recreate the place Tyler loved going to the most when he was young. Kristin helps him out with a can of the pizza sauce from the Chuck E Cheese like place because she used to work there as a teen. She and Kevin track down the animatronic. On the way back home, the truck breaks down. They spend the night together in the back of the truck while waiting for a tow.

A young boy named Mark is who Kevin helps next. He's traveling around the country with no job and his camper is impounded. Kevin has Nate arrest him in hopes of keeping him out of trouble. 

Amy ends up talking to the kid. She helps him call his parents and head home to reunite with them.

Amy also helps rewire the animatronics

Kevin admits to Tyler that he was an awful friend and that he wants to be a better one. He doesn't want to go back to how they were before because he wasn't a good friend before. Tyler forgives him. Tyler loves the party they throw for him. 

Dave is electrocuted and disappears. 

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World
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Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Tyler's terrified of fireworks. Everybody knows that.


Kevin: Leaves. She wants me to rake leaves. What a waste of my talent.
Yvette: Our talent.