Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 14 Review: Old Friends

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What happened to Dave?! 

The declining health and human qualities overtaking the angelic ones were in full force on Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 14, and frankly, I'm concerned for our warriors of God. 

To make matters worse, Yvette is still insistent that she and Dave keep the truth from Kevin. 

The Grand Gesture - Kevin (Probably) Saves the World

Am I the only who didn't realize that Tyler and Kevin were friends their entire lives? It didn't come across that way when Kevin came back into town. It felt like they were acquaintances at best. 

It didn't even appear as if Tyler was in school with the twins and Nate around the same time. Perhaps that's an oversight on my part.

I loved how their friendship quickly developed throughout the series, but it came as a surprise to me seeing flashbacks of 8-year-old and 19-year-old Tyler and Kevin interacting. 

I gather, by the hour's end, that was the point. It wasn't that Tyler and Kevin were never friends, it was that Kevin was never a very good one, to begin with. He was self-absorbed, and he took Tyler for granted for years. 

I'm not a good friend. I've taken you for granted for a long time.


Tyler is such a sweet character. On the surface, it's easy to write him off as naive because of how happy-go-lucky he is, but he knew that ever since they were kids, Kevin was a crappy friend. 

The only reason he gravitated towards Kevin upon his return was that Tyler is a good-natured person--he picked up on the dark place Kevin was in initially, but he also was attuned to the progress Kevin was making (and has made). 

As tough as it was watching these two buddies be at odds, it was an important part of the show's narrative and Kevin's character development. 

It was an unbalanced relationship, and Tyler deserved better. I respect and love the fact that he stood firm in his stance until Kevin approached him the right way. 

So let me get this right, you want me to invade Tyler's privacy to show you moments you were too self-absorbed to notice the first time around?


Kevin went out of his way to win Tyler over with childish or impersonal gestures that came across as gimmicky and impersonal. 

The writing should have been on the wall for Kevin when he couldn't think of something that Tyler would like or a special memory that meant something to Tyler without manipulating Dave into helping him. 

In the end, all Tyler needed from Kevin was an acknowledgment that he was a crappy friend, not just that one time, but their entire lives, and he needed a promise that Kevin would do better. 

It was such a relief when Kevin finally admitted to all of that and the two made up. A smack on the lips and a bear-hug, and all was right in the world. 

The Bros Make Up

Kevin and Kristin teaming up to bring back the animatronic band from Tyler's favorite childhood spot was quite entertaining. Reaper fans were probably ecstatic over that reunion. 

'Shippers were probably thrilled that Kevin and Kristin may be on the path towards a healthy relationship. Kevin's heart-to-heart with Kristin, while they were waiting for the tow-truck, may have been what finally convinced Kristin to go for it. 

Kevin is not the same guy that he used to be. It's not that he's trying to be a better person; it's that he has become a better person. It's real and genuine on his part. 

The pairing is on the right path, and I like it. Kristin has vastly improved throughout the season. She's well-rounded and more than a love interest. Now that Kristin has developed on her own, the romantic coupling feels earned.

K & K

Amy has improved significantly as well. God, I love Amy best when she's a total nerd. How could you not smile when her face lit up at the prospect of restoring robots? 

Amy's mini-rant about helping others by molding young minds and saving the environment was adorable too. She's so tiny, fiery, and dorky. I love it. 

She also took a page out of the gospel of Kevin (sorry, I couldn't resist), and helped out his latest project. 

Mark was a young vagabond with no purpose. He came across irresponsible and lost. Kevin's attempts at helping him were a bit misguided and half-hearted because he was invested in making amends with Tyler. 

It's funny, I walked all the way over here because I wanted to yell at him, and now I kinda want to thank him.


Mark benefited more from Amy's maternal advice and Reese's blunt honesty.  Amy recounting her own experience with Kevin was emotional. It's sad to know there was a time when the twins didn't speak to each other for two whole years! 

Thankfully, their relationship is more solid than it ever was before. In fact, most of Kevin's relationships are stronger. Yvette and Dave not included. 

It's not fair that Yvette and Dave are keeping Kevin in the dark. Yvette in particular, at least Dave wanted to tell Kevin the truth before he vanquished. 

Dave Skidaddles

They can't protect them if they're losing their abilities and becoming more human, and that's something Kevin should be aware of for so many reasons. Kevin relies on their abilities in various ways. 

Kevin needs to know if they can't protect him, and he deserves to know their limitations. 

Yvette has a tendency of being insecure about her relationship with Kevin. She's afraid that if she doesn't have anything to offer him, then he won't need her around anymore. 

By now, she should understand that Kevin values her as a being and he values their friendship. 

Should Yvette tell Kevin the truth? What do you think happened to Dave? Are you glad Kevin and Tyler made up? Hit the comments below!

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Old Friends Review

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