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Kevin heads to Canada. Kevin hopes to find Tyler. 

Yvette heads to Reno to speak with Dave. He assumes she's there to gloat, but instead, she shows him that she has a cut. She somehow gave herself a paper cut.

Kevin finds Tyler working at a fish market. A vision is triggered that confirms that both of them are exactly where they're supposed to be. 

Yvette tells Dave about how she's vulnerable to getting hurt but it's not permanent. She ran a test to check it out. She doesn't want to alert the others about their new vulnerability because it could cause panic. She asks Dave to come back so that he can keep an eye on Kevin if something happens to her. He agrees.

Amy and Nate have a date. She invites him inside.

One of Tyler's customers is wearing the fishing jacket with the name of the boat in Kevin's vision. Gus tells him that it's his fishing boat. He mentions having trouble with his rent. Tyler offers up Kevin's help.

Nate and Amy wake up together. Amy freaks out because she doesn't want  Reese to find out that Nate slept over. She makes him climb out the window, but he forgets his keys He pretends like he's stopping by to make pancakes.

Kevin speaks to the woman going up on Gus' rent but she tells him that his rent is the cheapest and he won't update his fish stand like she's been trying to get him to do.

Yvette returns to Kevin. She brings Dave with her and they're happy to see each other.

Kevin tells Yvette that she can't break up with him yet because Tyler is leading him to his visions. 

Amy won't let Reese go with her friends to see the midnight showing of the Blade movie as research for their play. Her friends tease her about asking her mom. After talking with Kevin, she gets an idea about how to sneak out of the house. 

Amy and Nate agree to have another secret sleepover. 

Gus still refuses to change anything about his stand because it's how it has always been. They get the idea to make the old new again by replicating the fish tossing that they used to do at the stand. 

Dave and Yvette help Tyler and Kevin put on a show by fish tossing. It gets a crowd. They put on a whole show. 

When Dave inures himself, it causes Kevin and Tyler to injure a little girl.

Reese tries to steal her mother's truck just as Nate is sneaking into Amy's room via a ladder. She hits the ladder and causes Nate to land on the car.

Amy grounds Reese but gives her a cool story to tell her friends. She's happy that she has friends.

Gus' business is destroyed and out of service after the incident. 

Yvette tracks Dave back to Reno. She discovers that he's injured and that he was hurt last week. They figure that they're becoming more human and in touch with their humanity. 

Kevin tells Tyler that he was the one pretending to be Leslie and writing to him. 

Shay and Gus are working together to get a more vintage feel. His mission was a success. Shay hugs him and tells him he's a godsend. She's a righteous soul. 

Kevin is back home, but he doesn't remember how he got there. When he bumps into Tyler, Tyler is angry with him and not speaking to him. 

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World
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