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All over the world, meteors are landing.

Kevin Finn returns home to Dallas to live with his sister Amy and his niece Reese, after an attempted suicide. His first night there, he is awakened by a meteor crash not far from the house.

Kevin and Reese go to investigate and after touching the meteor Kevin is knocked out. When he comes to, he has driven back to the house with the meteor in the backseat, however, he has no recollection of this.

Later that night he goes back to the car and is knocked out when a woman exits the vehicle. The next morning the woman is introduced as Yvette and she explains to Kevin that she is a warrior of God and he is one of the 36 righteous souls tasked with protecting all of humanity.

Skeptical, Kevin is only convinced after a series of interactions with Yvette, including her stopping a car from running him over. She explains to him that random acts of kindness and selflessness will help guide him on his mission to finding the 35 other souls.

After he's unable to confess to Amy what's happening with him, he decides to leave town but confides in a man about all his past transgressions and how he feels he's been given a second chance. The man reveals himself to be deaf and selling pencils. Kevin gives the man all his money and is greeted with a hug that brings forth a small clue he will need on his journey to find the other souls.

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World
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