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Kevin continues his spiritual training with the help of Yvette. While she reminds him that the universe will guide him, Kevin is impatient and begins putting up signs around town asking people to contact him if they need help. 

After his attempts to put up flyers are thwarted, he figures out the signs are pointing him to a local brewery. There he meets the Gilmore's, son Jake and father Karl. 

Kevin runs into Jake at a party later and Jake confides in him that he doesn't like beer but is forced to follow in his fathers footsteps and take over the brewery. Kevin convinces Jake to talk to his dad and tell him how he feels. After Jake talks to his dad and quits the brewery, his father has what appears to be a heart attack. 

Elsewhere, Kevin and Kristin hook up but Kristin cuts things off when she reminds Kevin how he treated her when they were dating in the past.

After a small fight with Amy, Kevin gets his hand crushed under the hood of a truck and goes to the hospital where he sees Mr. Gilmore. He explains to Kevin that he didn't have an actual heart attack, but an early warning. He thanks Kevin for talking to Jake, as he just wants Jake to be happy. 

With his mission accomplished, Kevin has a vision in the elevator of himself swimming in the ocean. He can hear voices coming from a far away beach before he is brought back to the elevator. 

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World
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