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Yvette went to Dave's apartment and brought back some of his things. While Kevin tells her about how humans memorialize their deceased loved ones, she falls asleep in his bed. He tucks her in and sleeps on the opposite end of the bed, but when he wakes up, he's upside down on the ceiling.

Reese and Amy show Kevin the footage of ghost looking Yvette. He pretends he doesn't know who it is and tells Yvette she has to be on high alert. 

Kevin goes to brunch with Kristin's friends, but they still hold it against him that he left Kristin all those years ago.

Becky and Tyler announce they're moving in together.

After someone delivers a funeral wreath to the house, Kevin goes to return it and discovers the guy from his vision is dead. He concludes that a Righteous Soul will be at the funeral.

Yvette's emotions get the better of her at the funeral.

Reese and her friends consider a seance.

The relatives of the deceased man bicker over what his wishes were. Kevin comforts one of the men after he gives the guy a hug, they both wake up in a barn. 

When Kevin tries to explain to Barry, the guy who he hugged, what's possibly happening, he isn't allowed to. The two are walking down the road in robes. 

Barry and Kevin part ways. Yvette reunites with him while he walks home. 

Yvette introduces Kevin to Cindy, her replacement. Kevin spills the beans about Dave dying, and Cindy is freaked out so she leaves.

Amy is upset about Reese believing in a guardian angel because that would mean her husband died for no reason.

Apparently, while Kevin was "out of it" he tried to break up with Kristin. They argue about it, but he's distracted because the body of the man from his vision is missing from the funeral home. 

Kevin tries to retrace his steps. Reese overhears him talking to Yvette and asks him if he has an invisible friend that he speaks to. 

Yvette is reluctant to go with him because she is worried about not being in control of her powers. He convinces her to come with him anyway. 

She tells him about how she upset her mother, and he gives her advice about God and believing what she feels. 

Kevin and Barry show up at the spa at the same time because they figured out where they went last. After speaking with the ladies working there, they realize that they must have buried the body somewhere as part of "doing the right thing." They go to dig up the body, but the clothes are there and the body isn't. 

While at the diner Barry and Kevin talk and Tyler reminds them that they dropped the body off in the freezer there. Barry realizes he has to stand up to his family and tell them that his uncle should be buried where he wants. 

Kevin gets stuck in the freezer when he returns the body, but he gets locked in. Yvette can't use her powers to help him, so she goes to Amy for help. Amy gets him out and asks about Yvette.

Barry successfully made peace with his family. He gives the urn to Kevin and they use it for Dave.

Yvette tells Kevin that she's still not in control, but Kevin walks away when he feels like she's going to leave him. 

Amy confronts him about the woman who came to get her being the same woman from the footage. She thinks she's going crazy. Kevin tells her the truth, but she's pissed that he's making it up.

Yvette appears and confirms everything for Amy and asks for Amy's help, but Amy passes out. 


Kevin (Probably) Saves the World
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