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Eve is giving a description of the woman she met in the bathroom. For the very brief time she met her, the description she gives is out of a romance novel. The sketch artist just wants to know if it's a square face or...

A man in Berlin heading into what appears to be a doctor's office. Since he needs a safeword mentions it's his birthday, it seems there is more going on than doctoring.

Unfortunately for the birthday boy, he's greeted by Villanelle because Hortence is out of the office. He's going to be tortured like never before. Screaming his safeword, Villanelle doesn't think of stopping. She ups the gas and makes him look at her so she can watch the life drain out of his eyes.

She doesn't smile like she has in the past, but whatever she put up his ass must have hurt like hell nonetheless.

Eve's husband is cleaning a hairy egg that came out of a rooster roaming their kitchen. Eve's freaking out and Google's if it's OK to eat. They're talking about her job and the egg, and she decides the egg is more risky than her job.

By the time Eve gets to work, she's been farted on by a baby, discovers there is a second kill by Villanelle, and that she gave the name Eve Polastri when she checked it to carry it out.

Eve decides to go to Berlin and take Bill with her.

Villanelle has taken a woman home with her and while kissing, she wants to call her Eve.

Niko comes home to Eve trying to get her suitcase off the wardrobe. He wonders if she's leaving him. He seems jealous of her new job. Perhaps he's never known her to love anything but him.

The kiss he gives her before leaving is as if he's worried she will not want to return to him.

As soon as Eve gets to Berlin, Eve is on her trail. She's smiling and it's real.

Villanelle steals Eve's suitcase and Eve cannot believe it. Niko is going to kill her!!

The woman comes back and Villanelle dresses her in Eve's clothes.

There is a green scarf in the bag that Eve is sure to see later.

Bill and Eve go to talk to the Chinese attache who won't until Eve mentions her name. He says the Colonel was called Fat Panda internally, which he notes is a bit racist and fattest after that.

Bill tries to explain kinky stuff and when they stop in the road later, Villanelle bumps into Bill. Their lock eyes and Bill appears to recognize her.

When Eve is shopping, Villanelle is right there, even helping her to complete her outfit with a belt.

Niko was perhaps upset because he didn't want to tell her they had a gang dinner planned.

Villanelle also has a line into Eve's computer and gets to know Niko.

Eve and Bill discuss whether they've ever been attracted to each other, and he reveals he's mostly gay. He's married, though.

At the train station, Bill sees the woman who knocked into him earlier. He begins to approach as she's getting on the train. He yanks her arm and keeps her from following Eve and asks about the green scarf, which she is wearing.

Eve is utterly annoyed by Chin, although, he's funny as hell, while Bill is in hot pursuit of Villanelle.

She goes into a club from the head of the line, and Bill goes to the back. Will that keep him alive?

Eve listens to her voicemail after Chin gives her a 32gb usb drive. Bill is already inside the club. She leaves dinner.

Eve tries to say she's there with the British authorities and has to get in. It works. Or maybe it's her braless state.

Bill has Villanelle in his sites and when she smiles at him, he knows he's in trouble. He begins to run in the opposite direction, but she already has a knife out. She stabs the life of him on the dance floor while Eve screams his name. The throngs of dancing people make it all the more heartbreaking because of how much I hate people.

Killing Eve
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Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Oh God, I'm going to die, aren't I? Mmm hmm. Daddy's going to die, isn't he?

Bill [holding his baby in the air, in a singsong voice]

Never have a baby in your sixties and don't follow behind; she's farted, and it's horrendous.