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A girl on a bus witnesses a man running in a business bloodying up the glass walls with his hands as he runs by pounding for help. She calls her mom to ask if she needs anything from the shops.

Inside, Villanelle is chasing him down as he wonders who she is and why she's doing it to him. She tells him she has absolutely no idea and finishes the job with a slight smile before pulling out an office chair, flipping her lips in boredom and looking around.

In London, Eve is getting ready to join Carolyn. She's like a bull in a china shop. Carolyn isn't good at small talk and soon learns neither is Eve. Eve learns that her computer and hard drive have been swept. Carolyn takes out a pad full of information on Villanelle and other female assassins.

Eve says she's a fan, perhaps not fully understanding how much Carolyn appreciated her compilation. They both order gin and tonics early in the morning.

The music for this series is phenomenal. 

Carolyn takes Eve to a dirty building, stopping to talk about killing a rat with bare hands, mentioning the hodgepodge of people, and showing her a room with Eve's hunch all over her wall.

Carolyn can't look into it officially. She wants Eve to look into it because she's intuitive and makes insane suggestions. Carolyn wants Eve to find her. She'll be joining Kenny, who lives on the internet. He's akin to Garcia on Criminal Minds. 

Eve can have two people to help her. Carolyn suggests two ... small ones

Konstantin takes Villanelle to see a Russian psychologist. Her bosses have been wondering about her mental state, so he drills her a bit and then shows her a range of photos before declaring she's alright. Konstantin has one final photo before they go.

The doctor asks if she still has dreams about Anna and shows to her a sketch she must have made of a faceless head with wavy black hair. She won't be allowed to go onto her next case.

Konstantin assures her it's good to have someone worried about her. She wonders who worries about him. She doesn't. She hugs him in the square so she can steal something from his pocket.

Villanelle is running on the treadmill when her doorbell rings. Naturally, she grabs the nearest knife. It's Sebastian the dude from outside. He wants to get together sometime. How about now? They go for ice cream, and she tells him about being grounded. 

Soon, they are having sex and Villanelle is riding him like a crazed cowboy. He's begging her to stop going so fast or he'll finish. She doesn't. He wonders if she did. She says yes and holds her hand around his neck. He says he will never hurt her.

In the morning he wishes her well selling her perfume and she goes home to make something.

Eve recruits her old boss, Bill, and her coworker, Elena. Bill leaves in a huff not quite liking Eve as his boss.

The two talk and suss out a bit about the assassin giving Eve even more drive. Eve's idea is that all of the recent kills have been done by one woman who might have been trained by the highly placed group pulling her strings or she was recruited into it, but she probably killed before that.

Villanelle has a job as a caterer at a luncheon of some sort. Something tells me it's the job she's been ordered not to do. She takes the perfume to a perfumer named Carla and gets her to try it. She wheezes and suffers a bit while Villanelle looks on rather gleefully. Then the woman dies and Villanelle takes her dead hand and waves it goodbye.

The trio is asking Frank about the CCTV. His wife died, and he hoped they were there to comfort him. Instead, they accost him about the CCTV footage. 

Konstantin barges into Villanelle's house. He eventually tells her why he wanted her to hold off on the job. There is a new department running in search of her.

While discussing it, Sebastian comes up with dinner. He takes her perfume and dies in the hallway, but not before delivering to her a gift. A USB drive contains music Villanelle listens to while looking for information on Eve Polastri. She finds Eve and is shocked at the same moment Eve KNOWS she's met the assassin.

Killing Eve
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Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Russian: There are concerns about your state of mind.
Villanelle: OK.
Russian: Have you been feeling any stress or anxieties lately?
Villanelle: I had quite a heavy period last week, but other than that, I think I'm OK.

Oh hi! Letting yourself into my apartment and drinking from a tiny cup doesn't make you intimidating, by the way. It just makes you rude.