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Eve runs into Carolyn in the hotel lobby. She looks just as she did the day before. Vlad has had a change of heart. He'll give them Nadia.

Eve wonders if Konstantin had a late night, too.

Eve is annoyed as shit with Konstantin and even more annoyed with Carolyn who keeps talking diplomatically with Konstantin. Carolyn has a lot of contacts, but she also has no idea what she's up against.

Kenny is set up with a home away from home.

Villanelle tries to settle with a guard but gets nowhere. She's later taken to solitary confinement but it's not solitary.

Kenny found letters between Carolyn and Konstantin. They're filthy. Eve has to show them to Vlad thinking they'll probably break his heart. Kenny isn't surprised to find out Carolyn is either filthy or dodgy. He's going to scan the prison video files to see if he can find Villanelle in there. Eve goes to find Anna.

Anna is very nice. She's under the impression Villanelle is dead, but she offers to Eve some cake. 

Villanelle is being set free.

She's taking great pleasure in the carnage that it took to get her out. The crazy girl she'd been around the block with a couple times said she didn't want to be free. She said she'd rather die. And she did.

A bald man is waiting for Villanelle. Konstantin is not coming. Villanelle doesn't like him. She kills him.

Anna has a lot of letters from Oksana. She said it was a fixation. The two became fixated on each other. Once Anna admitted she might only be in love with her husband because he had a penis, Oksana killed him. Villanelle didn't quite have an understanding of adult emotions and the way they are processed.

Konstantin is the one who told Anna Oksana had died. 

Villanelle is in Konstantin's house; She didn't kill Konstantin's family. Anton told her to kill him, but she kept his family. She wants him to take the pills so he can go the way he wants to go.

He doesn't seem to believe it, taking only one at a time and saying he loves her. 

She wants him to take the pills. He hits her with a log and runs. She's not very happy. 

Eve gets to Kenny and they're delirious they're so tired running through the video. As it turns out, it was Carolyn who broke out Villanelle. Carolyn set up the man to meet Villanelle and she must be the one who wanted Konstantin dead. WTF??


Killing Eve
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Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

My understanding of solitary confinement is that it is solitary.


Kenny: Are we leaving?
Eve: Of course we're not leaving.
Kenny: Good. You need to see these [holds up letters].