Rambling Through the Badlands - Killjoys
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Dutch wakes to find herself lying among a bunch of skeletons. Khlyen is there. When she questions him, he tells her she is already a "Six" and stabs her to prove it.

12 hours earlier, the team was given a special assignment by Turin. Another trio of RAC agents was stranded in the Northern Badlands, but Khlyen denied their evacuation. Turin was curious about what Khlyen is hiding out there.

At the abandoned Killjoy ship, the team discovers moss growing inside. Dutch and D'avin begin to question John about it, who asks "Seriously, what do you guys think that I'm a mossologist?"

Back at Lucy, John checks in with Pawter who admits she might be planning something risky. Jelco has strapped a bomb to her ankle, so she's not going anywhere.

Their search leads the Killjoys to an abandoned mine, and since Alvis grew up down there he goes along on the mission. Not to mention, the team learns the original mission was to save a monk trapped in the mine.

Paulo, one of the agents left behind by Khlyen had gone mad and was trying to kill his team members... and now our heroes as well.

It didn't take long for the team to run into Paulo, but Tanya shoots him upsetting Dutch. How would they get any answers if he's dead? She orders Johnny to take Tanya back to Lucy, but the woman causes a rockslide separating him from the others.

Meanwhile, a piece of moss on the ground slithers away and we realize it's some kind of life form.

Lucy confirms that Turin was telling the truth and the RED 17 base was destroyed, but not before a large data transfer took place. Johnny asks her to contact Pawter to let her know he's coming for her first chance he gets.

At the mine, D'avin and Alvis discover a scarback temple littered with bones. They also find a symbol from the scriptures which D'avin had seen at the RED 17 base. Alvis tells D'av it represents the, "Story about some monks. Twelve went away to fight the devil and none came back."

Meanwhile, Tanya slipped into a deep pit and Dutch arrived in time to see her overwhelmed by man-eating moss. So that's how those skeletons had been stripped clean.

In reality, the moss was just camouflage for centipedes filled with the green-goo D'avin was intimately familiar with.

The team separates briefly to locate a way out of the mine, and Alvis stumbles upon the corpse of a scarback monk. As it turns out, the man had left a message in his own skin. "One came back" Alvis read to Dutch.

Dutch was reeling from the psychotropic effects of the mossipedes, which is why she thought she saw Khlyen. Alvis managed to talk some sense into her and together they escaped the mine. Well, with D'avin's help since the creatures mysteriously backed away from him.

At the Spring Hill biodome, Pawter performed surgery on Jelco's heart and tricked him by planting her bomb in his chest while he was under. She walked out of there easily, but was knocked out by a mystery man before Johnny could reach her.

Alvis plans to jump ship on Leith. "There's a monastery there with some of the original scriptures. Maybe I'll get answers for both of us" he tells Dutch.

Dutch pays Turin a visit in the Badlands. She explains she's tired of being a puppet and if he wants to work with her it will be on her terms.

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Killjoys Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Dutch: Any thoughts on the monk angle?
Alvis: All I can say is that the faith grew up in the mines. That's how I ended up taking the robes.
D'avin: You were a miner?
Dutch: That's why he's with us D'av.
D'avin: Here I thought it was bring a monk to work day.

D'avin: What is this shit?
John: Well, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that it's moss.
D'avin: In a ship? In a desert?
Dutch: They called in for an evac a week ago. Where does this stuff come from Johnny?
D'avin: How did it grow so fast?
John: Seriously, what do you guys think that I'm a mossologist?