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D'avin catches up a comatose Dutch on what she's missed. Delle Sayeh is about to give birth. John is in pain. Dutch wakes up. D'avin had Lucy lock in Dutch. So Dutch breaks out and goes to find John. Delle Sayeh's baby is growing at a phenomenal rate, and soon will be too big to come out. Dutch finds out John has been Hullenized and slaps D'avin. Zephyr tries a Caesarean on Delle Sayeh, but she heals instantly. So Zephyr is uncertain how to deliver the baby. John blames Dutch for leaving. In her flashback, Dutch figures out that The Lady was disguised as Aneela. Zephyr tries a transfusion from D'avin into Delle Sayeh, which weakens her Hullen side. The Lady told Dutch that she is much, much older than the Hullen. Dutch changes Lucy's course to the nearest Green pool. But all the Hullen plasma pools have solidified. John wants to be either human or Hullen, but not to be caught in between. John keeps pulling on the chain until he breaks his neck. Zeph keeps John's neck from healing until the Hullen parasite dies, then revives him. Dutch tells John The Lady invades her mind. Neither can determine the meaning of Khlyen's story. Zephyr plans to use the same technique on Delle Sayeh so she can deliver the baby. Delle Sayeh knocks out Pree with the ice-chip bowl and storms off. Delle Sayeh grabs Dutch, wanting to know where Aneela is. Aneela saved Dutch from The Lady, and Dutch vows to go back for her. Zephyr successfully delivers the baby. The vision The Lady gave Dutch showed them all dead in the end. The Hullen wake up on the Armada.

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Killjoys Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

John: You can't hold onto me forever.
D'avin: But I can try.

Zephyr: Are you in pain?
Delle Sayeh: You mean other than being groped by you mouthbreathers? No.