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John convinces D'avin that he just needs a Hullen green pool and he can locate Dutch. Thanks to John, Bea and Della Sayeh have been recaptured by the guards at the Alcador debtors' colony. The colony's warden, Juno Clay, sends a search party after John and D'avin. John says he plans to look for Dutch in the Green. Pip wants Zeph to address their relationship. Delle Sayeh tries to force her way out through the guards, but Clay eventually tranks her. Zeph studies a Hullen "doll." When she jump-starts him, he keeps chanting "She's coming." A version of Dutch keeps appearing to John, serving as his conscience. Turin deputized Pree and Pip as Killjoys. Clay's men catch up to John and D'avin. Clay has figured out that Delle Seyah is supposed to be dead. He's trying to cause the early birth of her child. Zeph, Pip, and Pree find Lucy hidden in the Borian Belt. She has reset, and the trio can't come up with the proper security code. Delle Sayeh talks Bea into helping her. John builds a bomb to neutralize their pursuers. John gets injured in the blast. Bea hits a switch, and Delle Sayeh is broadcasting Clay's secrets. John baits D'avin about their past. Pip figures out the code is the song John played when he tried to steal Lucy from Dutch. This brings Lucy back to her current programming. D'avin leads John to the Green pool. John attacks then shoots D'avin. But D'avin was wearing body armor. Because of the broadcast, the head office wants Clay arrested. Pree, Zeph, and Pip show up right afterward and arrest Delle Sayeh. John is choking D'avin, but Dutch shows up and shoots John, then collapses. John is going through Hullen withdrawal, Dutch is unresponsive and Delle Sayeh is giving birth.

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Killjoys Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Bea: Please. Don't provoke them. The warden's coming.
Delle Sayeh: Good. I have a few harsh words for management.

John: Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself. Little brothers are the worst, huh?
D'avin: I get it. Your body is going through a lot of changes. But you need to pull your dick out of the Hullen puberty sock.