Unusual Partnership - Killjoys Season 5 Episode 8
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Dutch's plan is to use the supermax prisoners to stop The Lady's terraforming effort. One of Zephyr's family members can help to fight The Lady, but there is bad blood between them. Turin, who has been captured, tells Khlyen to take The Lady down. Zephyr's plan is to steal a holo-tapestry from her family home. Zephyr's people used to be the quadrant's foremost scientists until corporations corrupted their work and they rejected science. The Lady's human body is breaking down. Johnny and D'av split the prisoners into two teams for a game of Capture the Flag to train them, with Calvert and Mace as captains. Mace steals a guard's gun. Dutch and Zeph get caught by Zeph's sister Zaia on Leith. They are brought before the Great Mother. Khlyen attempts to heal The Lady's host body. D'av finds a murdered guard, Durek. The Great Mother drugs Zeph and Dutch. Zeph fantasizes that she's pregnant with Pip's baby. D'av discovers the patients in the psych ward are dead. Mace pulls the gun he stole on Johnny. Dutch and Zeph are in The Pit. Calvert gets the gun away from Mace. The doctor says that equipment malfunctioned and overdosed the prisoners. Then he tranked D'av and Reniker. The Great Mother tells Zeph she was supposed to succeed her.  Zeph uses a nerve pinch on her and takes her medallion which can download the tapestry's secrets. Khlyen can't bring himself to kill The Lady. Johnny snatches the gun from Calvert. Dutch and Zaia fight, but Zeph wings Zaia to end it. The doctor tries to drug Johnny, Calvert, and Mace, but Calvert spears him with the flag. Dutch and Zeph drink and talk about sisters. Everyone sits down to a feast made by Fancy. The Lady wants to become Khlyen's replacement daughter. 

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Killjoys Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Fancy: You said you knew somebody who could help with that.
Zephyr: They can, but it's a safe bet they won't. There's bad blood between us.
Dutch: What kind of blood?
Zeph: The kind that doesn't wash out -- family.

D'avin: A nerd and his ship will always share a special bond. Lucy will always be the other woman in his life.
Reniker: That explains why he's still single.