Left Scrambling - Killjoys
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Johnny and Warden Reniker play dead during the prisoner uprising, while Dutch and D'avin are brought to Corin. Sparlow and Corin disagree over tactics. Khlyen has freed Gared from The Lady's brainwashing. Dutch convinces Sparlow and Corin to let her impersonate the warden and negotiate for the Q'reshis' ransom. Khlyen hid Aneela in the cube to keep her safe. Aneela discovers she is still Hullen while Delle Seyah is human again. Johnny tricks a con into giving him a gun. Dutch turns Sparlow against Corin. D'avin convinces Corin to let him look for the Q'reshi Evie. Corin kills Sparlow. Gared switches out Pree's communicator as Khlyen had requested. The Q'reshi representative agrees to Dutch's high ransom demand too readily. The Q'reshi plant bombs on the ship. Johnny defuses a bomb. Zephyr has duplicated The Lady's brainwashing chemicals. Nucy takes over the ship's mainframe and warns Dutch. Mace, Sparlow's lieutenant, kills Corin. D'avin takes out the con guarding him and the Q'reshis but Evie still wants to kill Silas instead of escaping. Dutch reunites with Johnny and Reniker. While the Killjoys bicker, Reniker goes to defuse the other three bombs. Zeph finds a message from Johnny catching her up on what the Killjoys have been doing. D'avin talks Silas and Evie into working together. Johnny and Dutch rescue D'av and the hostages. The armada warship is approaching the prison ship. Aneela and Delle Seyah are leaving behind Jaq. Johnny puts the bombs on a transport vessel and blows it up, triggering the supermax's cloaking device at the same time. Khlyen thinks Dutch is dead. Dutch wants to use the prison ship as their new base. Aneela hides Jaq inside the cube. Fancy gets captured but Pree escapes. Dutch tells Johnny he needs to take a sabbatical after they beat The Lady.

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Killjoys Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Can you imagine the screams when I hang up a Killjoy?

Corin [to Dutch]

Warden: You asshole. You hijacked my ship.
Johnny: Yeah, but then Sparlow and Jeers hijacked our hijack so it's kind of a wash.