Are They Friends?
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Landry is battling another Templar in the training circle in the rain. He beas he crap out of him. The other guy yields.

Landry is now a Templar again having passed the last initiate ritual.

Gawain is training Philip's soldiers. Isabella makes eyes at Gawain as he fights one of Philip's knights.

Louis and Margaret pray together to have a child. Louis doesn't want to have sex tonight and leaves.

Philip tells DeNogaret that Gawain only has a week to prepare the men to attack the Templars.

The initiates are being inducted into the Templar Order and they are given their uniforms.

Landry gets his old cloak and sword back.

Philip wants Gawain to execute whoever is left at the church.

The Templars talk about Boniface's death. Landry wants to send a message to Philip but the Templars are going to wait until a new Pope is elected.

Landry goes to talk to the Lazarus knight. He tells him about Gawain.

Margaret tells Isabella about Louis' problems.

The initiates talk about what's happening and one of them talks about leprosy killing his sister. Talus sends them on a task.

People are gathered in Philip's chamber. A woman speaks about the Templar's killing her baby and husband. Then the woman notices Louis and she freaks outt but Louis grabs her and stops her and takes her out of the chamber.

Talus sends some other knights with Tancrede and Landry to escort the Lazarus knight home. Talus joins them.

Tancrede tells Landry about the woman he loves who became a nun leading him to the path of the Templars. Landry talks about missing Joan.

Margaret and Isabella bond at a campfire. Isabella leaves with two guards.

Talus and the knights arrive at the Lazarus knights fortress.

The Templars enjoy dinner courtesy of the Lazarus knights. The knight takes off his mask. He has leprosy. A ceremony begins.

Louis is talking to the woman about his problems. He cries about his mother as he pours her dead child's blood at her feet.

Talus talks to Landry about Eve.

There is an attack and the Templars go into fight mode. It's Gawain and the king's knights. Landry makes eye contact with Gawain. He tells Tancrede.

Gawain orders his men to take down the door. They send fire arrows through the windows.

Gawain breaks through the door.

Talus leaves to warn the other Templars.

Gawain tells Philip he found Landry.









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Knightfall Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Talus; You're a Templar now, and you've earned your right to call me brother.

A fire needs wind to spread.