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Foreign exchange student Jen arrives for her six-month stay with the Baxters. Vanessa is thrilled, but Mike struggles to find anything in common with Jen.

Both Mike and Jen have difficulty connecting, so instead, they are each overly polite. Even when Jen sits in his chair at the kitchen table and destroys his newspaper, Mike still plays nice. 

Eve and Mike invite Jen to watch the Broncos game with them. However, itis an epic fail because Jen knows nothing about the game and asks too many questions. 

At Vanessa's urging, Mike takes Jen to Outdoor Man, where she ends up bonding with Kristin. Mike's frustration grows until he talks with Mandy.

His middle daughter reminds him they have nothing in common but still like spending time together. Mike begins to realize being polite is getting him nowhere; he needs to be honest.

Mike tells Jen they need to stop being polite and start speaking their minds. The two discover their brutal honesty bonds them. They develop a mutual understanding of the Baxter way of life.

When Chuck learns from Kyle that Ed is waiting on ancestry results, he creates a fake DNA report for his boss that says Ed is part black.

Ed runs with the news and turns to Chuck to teach him all about the black culture. Chuck finally confesses when Ed asks him to explain Arsenio Hall.

Kyle and Chuck are shocked to discover, Ed new report Chuck gave him was fake. He turned the tables on the guys as payback. 



Last Man Standing
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Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

Kyle: Hey guys. I am headed home. I just wanted to see how everybody is doing.
Ed: The world is turned upside down Kyle. It turns out I am not black.
Kyle: I am shocked that somebody would mess with your DNA. We’re not scientists.
Ed: You knew!
Kyle: I am sorry Mr. Alzate. I wanted to tell you, but you kept saying you were done listening to the man.
Chuck: I am sorry too Ed, and if it makes you feel any better, it is not easy being a black man in Denver or anywhere.
Ed: Well then, I guess I am back to being Basque.
Kyle: Hey, being Basque is great sir. The history, the traditions, the soup!
Ed: Well that is true. There is one more good thing about being Basque. We can’t be fooled.
Chuck: Uh oh!
Ed: Yeah, turns out Beverly gave me the real test results before you found my report. I am 82% Basque and 100% too smart for you idiots.

Chuck: Hey Ed.
Ed: My brother!
Chuck: What is happening?
Ed: I have great news, and I want to share it with one of my people. Chuck, I am black.
Chuck: Wow, Ed that DNA report.
Ed: Has changed my life! Look at this I am 37.5% West African. My people were traced to what is now Nigeria. Where are your people from Chuck?
Chuck: St. Louis. Ed, don’t you find it a little hard to believe you’re black?
Ed: No, this answers everything. You see my father always seems like he was keeping a secret. But now that I know what it was, I finally feel close to him, this is a blessing.
Chuck: Oh God!