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-The Captain gives the crew the choice to stay with the ship or find a way to head back home. Everyone picks a side.

-Secretary of Defense William Curry announces that Marcus and Sam are being charged with treason and order their crew to capture them, using lethal force if necessary and destroy the sub.  A grief stricken Josh threatens the Captain and crew with a grenade but backs down.

-When the crew overhears Curry order Josh to sink the sub with the crew aboard, many more sign on to stay.

-Kylie's father tells her to drop her investigation into the Colorado and she tells him she will but secretly keeps digging.

-Sam's wife, Christine has her finances cut off and is being watched by government agents.  Sam's friend comes to her rescue but he's really working for the government.  Christine goes crazy in front of reporters and smashes the unmarked van in front of her home with a baseball bat.  She tells reporters their is a government coverup and she's being targeted.

-Julian says Sophie's ex made promises to him about  mineral testing on the island and he threatens Sophie to continue the tests. She does but then lies to him about the results.

Last Resort
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Last Resort Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

You ever ask yourself why the Illinois tried to blow us out of the water 30 minutes after we picked you up?


You may not have faith in your Captain but you damn well will have faith in me.