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-Secretary of Defense William Curry, White House Advisor Amanda Straw, and Admiral Shepherd come to the island to negotiate with Marcus.  Chaplin only wants a public trial for himself. Curry offers Sam no jail time for himself and Grace if he will return the sub.

-Suddenly the deal is taken off the table when Curry and Straw learn that the USS Illinois has locked onto the Colorado which is being captained by Grace as it fixes a downed underwater array.  Curry and Straw tell the sub to kill the Colorado.

-Admiral Shepherd shoots and kills Straw and injures Curry in order to save his daughter.  It buys Grace time to fire torpedos on the Illinois and get away.  Grace earns some respect from Prosser who salutes her after the incident.

-James dives down to fix the array and is nearly left behind when the sub is fired upon. He survives even though his remaining air had run out.  When he gets back to the island he immediately finds Tani and kisses her.

Last Resort
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Last Resort Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Daddy finally letting you take the car out of the driveway?


Control your feelings or I guarantee Curry will control them for you.