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Whalen is undercover with Jet. They are looking into illegal activity at a jewelry store. They pretend to be an engaged couple looking for a ring. Supposedly the target of their investigation is smuggling gold which also funds other illegal activities. Whalen and Jet pretend to argue in front of the jeweler. Whalen excuses himself and follows a woman who he sees taking a duffel bag from the jeweler. She runs and he chases her, as does Stabler. Stabler tackles her and they recognize each other..

The crew gossips about who they think this woman is. Meanwhile Bell questions Stabler about the woman. He says Agent Leonetti and him worked big racketeering cases together in Italy. Bell says she should have checked in so they didn't have this type of confusion. She says there is intel that Abramov is in town for 48 hours. So they should join forces. Bell won't let Leonetti help until she gets clearance.

Whalen whispers to the others that Leonetti is Italian police.

Leonetti isn't happy that she doesn't get to help interrogate the jeweler. Stabler goes in and says that bail would be a bad thing because Abramov knows Jay was arrested. Jay tries to say that he doesn't know anything. Stabler won't accept that and says Jay better give him names if he wants to stay alive.

A mean-looking guy  ells a bunch of women at a gold factory not to take any breaks. Abramov shows up and accuse the guy of skimming off the top. If he wanted extra gold, all he had to do was ask. Abramov makes him ask for gold and then takes him to be tortured and burned with hot gold.

Stabler is making coffee at home when he gets a call. He says to th e caller to email something, but Leonetti is at his door and delivers reports in person.  She compliments him on the place.  He says his mom is visiting the grandkids and Eli is in college now. Leonetti asks how he is adjusting since Kathy. He says she called and he got her messages. He thanks her. She says they were special together. He is special. He offers her coffee.  She has survelliance photos and addresses. He asks why she's really in the States. She tells him she had Abramov two years ago but Abramov killed the man's wife and children and the case fell apart. She says she is not leaving without catching the monster this time.

Bell wants to know why she hasn't heard from Leonetti's office. Leonetti assumes it's a time zone issue. She thinks they need someone on the inside to catch Abramov. Reyes volunteers. Bell wonders where Whalen is. He is doing an errand for Stabler.

Whelan is talking to Pearl, who only wants to talk to Stabler. Whalen knows all about Teddy and how dangerous he is. Pearl says she has to be careful. She does give Whelan a thumb drive that supposedly explains everything but won't talk any further with him.

Reyes practices with Leonetti.

Stabler thinks Leonetti is a good cop. Bell says she went rogue. Stabler explains that in Italy he didn't want to do the job anymore and she helped. Kathy loved her. There is no time to tell the rest of the story.

Whelan and Jet are on stakeout again. Whelan apologizes for the fight at the jewelry store. He was trying to ad lib. She says she didn't care. She admits in reality her parents didn't pay for her wedding. She was married when she was 20. It was a huge mistake and her dad still won't talk to her. Anyway they need to listen to Reyes and Abramov, who are talking over dinner. Reyes notices the food server has a bruised hand and asks what her name is. Abramov says they are probably in business but he will get back to him. Reyes says why wait, which Stabler thinks is pushing too hard. Abramov says Reyes will have to wait. Reyes leaves and returns to the van. Stabler says Reyes almost got made. Reyes tells them about the girl. He thinks she's the way in. He says her hands were green which means she's iron deficient and working with gold. Leonetti says they have no other option but working with this girl.

Reyes stops the woman on the street. He asks if she likes her job. She says she can't talk. He says he can help her if she's in trouble and reveals he is a cop. She says she saw him kill a man in the factory. She says Abramov smuggles the girls in to do the work. She has a daughter back home so she does extra work at the restaurant. She doesn't know where the factory is. Jet comes running up to get details (like that doesn't look suspicious). Joy tells her the details of the blindfolded ride.  The blindfold was removed and she saw a sign on the building. Jet identifies a location. There is a holding company nearby. Leonetti says this is likely where they are holding the girls and offers Jet a job in Italy before the cops head out.

The warehouse is empty but Stabler smells something. He finds a skull filled with gold.

Reyes says he doesn't expect to find any forensics. Bell wants him to come back.

Leonetti says Abramov knows they're onto him and will run. Jet says forensics trace the gold dust back to Sudan. Leonetti and Stabler head out to the consulate. Leonetti says she knew he'd never quit and was born for this job.

The ambassador claims not to know anything about Abramov. Leonetti says the embassy might be involved. Stabler non-ironically suggests he call the prime minister. He asks the ambassador. why he came to New York and says he does his job to help people just like the ambassador does. The ambassador says they have to leave but he wants to leave first so they have time to discuss their next steps.

Stabler and Leonetti find out that Abramov is planning on flying out soon. THey race to the airport, as do the bad guys. Stabler sees Abramov and tells his people to move. Abramov is on the phone yelling at someone in Hebrew. He moves as quickly as possible. One of his crew sees the cops and warns him. There is a shootout. Stabler eventually arrests Abramov.

Teddy says to Pearl she wasn't answering his texts. She says she did that because she had to think. She wants to go away somewhere. Teddy says they can borrow the jet from his dad. Pearl says what if they never came back?  He laughs. She says he doesn't know the pressure she's dealing with and walks off.

Stabler looks at a photo of himself with Leonetti. She calls.  She can't sleep after a big bust. She says it felt good to work as a team again. She doesn't want to go back and deal with what's waiting at home and she wants to be with Stabler so he doesn't take credit for her work. She could use a drink and i outside his door. Is he going to let her in?





Law & Order: Organized Crime
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Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

We're talking guns, drugs... cut off the gold and turn it all off.


Leonetti: Who is this Elliot, following all these rules? It's not the cop I knew.
Stabler: Same cop, different rules.