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A serial killer is targeting call girls. He sets up dates with the girls and then abducts them to play an elaborate cat and mouse game. When 16 year-old Haley is abducted, her mother gets disturbing messages from her daughter as she's subjected the killer's hunting game for days. The detectives, with DA Haden, target both the agencies that hire out these girls and the papers who advertise their services, but don't get any leads. When they find a couple of girls who escaped the killer, they track down game-keeper Graham at a wildlife preserve in the Catskills. Benson and Amaro find the missing girl, but Benson is almost killed by Graham. She is saved when Amaro shoots and kills the suspect.

Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 13 Episode 15 Quotes

Benson: What are you doing?
David: Don't worry. Nobody we work with could sit through two hours of black and white, no talking.

A donut shop? You certainly know how to woo a cop.