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A kid is yelling for Mommy while she exercises on the treadmill. Her husband (>) comes in and says she's been going over and hour. He takes the kid away.

Rollins' sister Kim is back, this time at the parole board saying that she wants to get out so she can spend time with Amanda's baby. Amanda tells Olivia that Kim wants to live with her and that she wants to take her in because shelters can be dangerous. Olivia warns her if she covers for Kim she will lose her shield.

Some guy comes onto the woman from earlier and she is then seen thinking about jumping off a ledge. She jumps from one building to another, a crazy look in her eye, starts running and the cops show up and begin chasing her. She hugs a cop and says she won. Her dress is torn and she's all beaten up.

Amanda panics when Jessi isn't in her crib. Kim insists Amanda can trust her. Amanda tries to set some ground rules and warns her if she screws up she's going to a shelter. Amanda doesn't let Kim wait with Jessi for the sitter.

Amanda is late thanks to Kim.

Olivia says the woman who was jumping was drunk and has lots of symptoms of having been raped.

Ms. Miller's husband comes after she refuses to speak to Olivia about what happened and she cries she was raped. Olivia walks the husband off and tries to get his help. Mr. Miller says his wife went to the city to unwind and release stress from dealing with a five-year-old. He says they are a normal couple and doesn't keep tabs on his wife.

Ms. Miller tells Amanda that she was raped by a man named Phil that she met at a hotel bar. They got a room and he hurt her and forced himself into her anally. Amanda says they will do a rape kit.

Amanda and Olivia agree that nobody is telling them the whole story. Olivia wants some uniforms to canvas hotel bars

A bartender says Ms. Miller is named Barbie and doesn't know her real name. She never pays for drinks. A credit card receipt shows a Michael Wheeler paid for her drinks.

Wheeler calls Ms. Miller a hooker.. He claims he paid $500 for sex and that when she said he was hurting her he ignored her because he paid for it. (Which is still rape).

Ms. Miller says about a year ago someone randomly paid her for sex and she became addicted to doing it. Olivia tells her she needs to be totally honest. Her husband comes out and she quiets down. Husband says Ms. Miller is an Olympic contender and so the story is all over the news. Her house is full of posters and the like showing she is an athlete She is worried about losing everything.

SVU watches Ms. Miller's sports footage. She didn't join the team because of a technicality. They update Barba. He can't prosecute without Jenna's cooperation. They decide to look at other prostitutes Wheeler might have raped.

Kim interrupts Amanda judging Jenna in front of Carisi to announce she saw her parole officer. Amanda tells her she can't show up at the precinct and sends her home. Kim is upset but she leaves. Sonny thinks Kim is trying. Amanda is worried about the calm before the storm. Fin comes in to say that he tracked down some more working girls who had experience with Wheeler.

A girl says Wheeler calls himself  Phil. He gets rough. But nobody will report a rape because they are prostitutes.

Sonny thnks they should compel Jenna to testify but Barba thinks if she won't cooperate, that's a waste of time.

Olivia tells Jenna about the other women. Olivia wants to do a controlled meet so that Jenna won't be in the news. Jenna would wear a wire.

Jenna does it. He wants to know how much he should pay her to keep her mouth shut. She wants an apology. The undercover op is interrupted by the husband. Wheeler tells him that you can't rape a whore. Mr. Miller punches him. Jenna worries that her life has fallen apart. Amanda asks if Mr. Miller will hurt Jenna. She denies it. She's more worried about this going to trial. The cops are not going to arrest Mr. Miller. They want Wheeler.

Mr. Miller says it's not worth it to testify and wants the case dropped.

Sonny is happy he's single given these kinds of secrets going on. Fin and Amanda find that Jenna called her agent after the rape and think she may have disclosed it.

The agent is evasive. He claims Jenna called him drunk and he told her to go home. He won't say anything else. Fin says they are investigating a rape. Agent says that he thought she was just drunk and saying things. He agrees that Jenna's career is over if this is made public. He wants the case postponed for four years.

Mr. Miller is surprised Derek Keller agreed. Jenna gets a call that the agent dumped her because she doesn't represent their values. Jenna is upset that her career is over and Wheeler gets away with it. Olivia encourages her to testify. She says she will.

The press is announcing the trial and how Jenna may no longer be part of the Olympics. Barba wants not to comment but when a reporter mentions that Jenna was paid for sex, Barba stops and makes the statement that No means No.

Benson testifies. Defense tries to get Olivia to say Jenna lies and tries to say the injuries are consistent with consensual sex. He says Olivia is not qualified to determine this (what?)

Jenna testifies that she was not actively soliciting. She likes getting male attention. Anyway, they got a room. She claims he offered to pay and she went along with it. She testifies that he was getting rough, hit her, etc. She said No and he became more aggressive. She didn't want anal sex and he laughed when she told him no. He threw money at her but she was hurt and didn't take it. She just ran away and then the cops found her.

Defense claims Jenna is falsely claiming rape in order to get publicity because her career was over when she didn't go to the Olympics.  The defense attorney claims that she won't have a proper body for the Olympics and that she was showing off her body and that he wasnt impressed and so she cried rape. Jenna melts down and begins undressing. Barba tries to get her off the stand.

Jenna is working out and refuses to stop exercising. Amanda tries to suggest that Jenna is bipolar. Mr. Miller says he works hard, dealing with her mood swings and she has issues but they can still win a gold medal. Jenna walks off, refusing to heed Amanda's advice to talk to a doctor.

Barba puts a psychiatrist on the stand who says Jenna has bipolar disorder. For some reason they keep showing Amanda. Anyway, the doctor says Jenna lives in a culture where she must win at all costs. She says that in a manic state she would do whatever she needed to to prove she was right. The defense attorney asks if she would distort the truth. The psychiatrist agrees. The defense attorney suggests Jenna made up the rape because she was manic. The psychiatrist says they would be moe likely to call a rape consensual. The defense tries to stop Jenna from testifying now that she's on meds. Wheeler's lawyer pleads out to assault 2. Jenna isn't sure she wants to take the plea but her husband wants to get on with their lives. Jenna thanks them and says she is on meds and starting therapy. 

Jenna has a press conference where she states she now knows she was acting out and so forth because of being bipolar. Olivia wants Amanda to talk to her first before talking about her testimony.

Amanda comes in and finds the baby is alone and Kim is in the bathroom with Lithium. She says it's a legal prescription. She has bipolar too. Kim says it makes sense. She's been on meds for a year. She feels good about herself now. Amanda asks why she didn't tell her.



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Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 4 Quotes

Ms. Miller, whoever inflicted these injuries... unless you wanted that to happen, that's assault, maybe even rape.


Olivia: Your sister Kim made parole and now she wants to live with you.
Amanda: I know it sounds crazy. I should probably say no.