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A young guy brings flowers to his mom on Halloween and wine to his dad. He announces a promotion at Goldman Sachs. Mom seems proud. Dad seems critical. Dad tells the son to come tomorrow to clean out the garage.

Later, the son is at a party/rave with lots of dancing. He introduces himself as Ellis to a woman whose friend doesn't seem to like him and drags her away, telling her Ellis is not cute.

Ellis gives some alcohol to some other woman and flirts with her a bit.

A very drunk Ellis walks in on the girl from earlier who is super drunk. Later an Australian guy tells the cops Ellis raped the girl.

Sonny brings Ellis in, just as Benson is about to leave. Ellis keeps insisting he's innocent. But Carisi has a photo...

The victim, Janie Spears, is still unconscious, super high alcohol levels. Fin, Carisi and Benson discuss the case. Ellis doesn't want a lawyer, etc because he believes he's innocent. Benson texts Lucy that she will be late.

Olivia and Sonny take Ellis' interrogation. Ellis is short on details and is nervous. He says he ran into Janie in the bathroom. They went outside to get some air. She was drunk but "fine". Janie kissed him.

Brian, the tourist, claims the girl was  not into it and called the cops when Ellis wouldn't stop.

Ellis says they were getting into it and he felt Janie pull at his belt. She fell back and he fell on top of her. He felt it was romantic (?) and they started having sex. He claims that Janie said Yes. Maybe she fell asleep later.

Benson gets a text that Janie came to.

Rollins talks to Janie who does not remember having sex. She can't remember who she was with at the party. She realizes her soreness means she had sex. Janie's cousin arrives.  She says that people online are calling Janie the Garbage Sex girl. The cousin insists Janie was raped.

Benson and Carisi get a DNA sample from Ellis, who is in a hurry to get back to his dad's.

Ellis' father shows up and wants to put an end to this. He turns out to be an ex-partner of Olivia's.

Patrick wants to know what's going on. Olivia tells him about the rape investigation. Patrick wants his statements thrown out. Olivia refuses to do that. Patrick is sure there's been a mistake.

Olivia is upset. Patrick was kind of her mentor. He looked out for her on her first job. She goes to interview Janie. Janie wants her clothes back.  Her memory is still fuzzy. She sort of remembers Ellis barging into the bathroom.  She ID's him from a photo. She remembers kissing him but not the sex. She felt guilty about kissing him because she just broke up with her boyfriend, and anyway Ellis dated her cousin Leah.

Leah says Ellis is sexually aggressive. She doesn't think Janie knew what she was doing.

Some guy at the party thinks Janie wanted it.

Some friend of Ellis' thinks this is impossible.

A girl tells Rollins that Ellis was all over Janie all night.

Barba and Benson talk about the case. Barba says that Brian's testimony is enough to press charges. Olivia is upset about having to tell Patrick.

There is a meeting with Sonny, Olivia, Ellis, his lawyer, and Patrick. They go over the evidence against Ellis and tell them that Ellis is going to be charged with rape. She encourages Ellis to change anything that he needs to be changed. Patrick says they are trying to bury himself. He gets Olivia to agree to let Ellis go say goodbye to his mother and promises to bring him in tomorrow at 8 AM.

Patrick comes into Benson's office.  He asks her to make this go away. It will destroy his son. He says that he covered for Olivia on her first shift. Ellis made a rookie mistake too, why can't she cover for  him? Olivia says this is different. Patrick says then they're looking at the fight of their lives and stomps off.

Olivia goes over the case with the detectives. She wants to make sure everything is solid and she wants to look for additional witnesses. Barba gives her a look. She admits there used to be a bond. She tells Barba the story of what happened with her first bust, and how Patrick covered for her. Barba tells Olivia she doesn't owe Patrick anything.

Janie shows up. She's anxious and angry that people are making fun of her on the Internet. She wants to know what happened. She doesn't want to tell the jury anything. She wants an apology from him and she wants him to be the one to admit what happened. (In case the Brock Turner analogy wasn't obvious)

Barba offers Rape 3, no jail time. Patrick is against it. Ellis will lose his job. Barba says this is a one-time offer. Ellis wants to take it.

Ellis goes through the process of allocution. He makes a statement of apology.  He takes the plea back all of a sudden and rips up the apology. Janie is upset. Patrick stands behind his son's decision. He plans to show the jury they believe in their son.

Ellis' parents push through a crowd of protesters to get to court.

Brian testifies that Janie was unconscious and didn't react when he took Ellis off her. The defense implies that Brian did the wrong thing and couldn't really see.

Janie takes the stand. She doesn't remember consenting or having sex.

Defense attorney has a recording of a drunk call made to Leah where she states that she's with some guy who isn't her boyfriend. She doesn't remember that either and the defense attorney claims she just doesn't remember consenting (since when can super drunk people consent?) Defense goes on a tirade about how liberals hate his client. Janie tells Barba on redirect that she never would have consented under the circumstances.

Defense has a surprise witness. Barba wants to find out who it is. Olivia tells Fin her relationship with Tucker is complicated right now.

Olivia shows up at Patrick's. The witness is a drug dealer/snitch at Patrick's precinct. He denies that he is involved, then says again this is like when he covered for her. He claims Olivia wants to ruin Ellis' life and storms off.

The witness claims he saw the defendant and victim having sex. He thinks Janie will remember him. She was having a good time according to him.  Barba questions his past and asks if he ever met Patrick. Defense objects over and over. Ellis suddenly jumps up and says he's sorry and he did rape her. He keeps saying he's sorry. Judge calls everyone into chambers.

Patrick insists Ellis wants him in the meeting but Ellis says no and kicks him out. The judge says she will accept a plea of guilty for Rape 2. Janie makes a statement as well. Ellis is sentenced to 24 months in prison. Protesters are angry that the sentence is so short.

Olivia asks Patrick what he was thinking. He wanted to protect his son. He thinks the system is rigged against him. Patrick feels the protesters hate. He is angry that Olivia didn't help him cover for his son. She wishes Patrick hadn't covered for her all those years ago.



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