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Olivia is on a news programme where an actress is being interviewed about having been raped on set 10 years ago. As the actress recounts her story, one of the anchors, Heidi, is visibly upset. WHen the other anchor, Harold Coyle, comments that he can't imagine the pain, Heidi snaps at him that that's because it hasn't happened to him.

Olivia later reviews the interview with the rest of the SVU team and recounts that Heidi says Harold raped her, then recanted. She goes to see Heidi at home but Heidi refuses to talk about it. The detectives interview the producer of the show, Steven Turner, who claims that Heidi is making trouble because her contract is up for negotiation and she knows she is at risk of being replaced by the younger Margery Evans.

Heidi is indeed replaced by Margery and soon after confesses to Olivia that she was raped. The only person she confided in was Margery, but Margery claims that Heidi never told her anything and she never suspected she was unhappy. Margery says Heidi is jealous because she's getting too old to continue in this business.

Dodds comes to SVU. He's concerned about this investigation. The TV station is powerful and known for making things up, Tweeting against enemies, and suing law enforcement. He makes SVU promise to be careful.

Coyle is interviewed. He not only denies everything but threatens to create some scandal over Mike's death if SVU doesn't back off. Soon he is arrested anyway.

Other women come forward and claim to have been raped as well. Harold is arrested and pleads not guilty. Bail is set at $2 million, over Barba's objections. Barba tries to get the other women's complaints admitted into evidence but loses. Their whole case is Heidi and one station employee.

During Heidi's testimony, the defense attorney makes it look like Heidi is just making up accusations for money. The other witness refuses to testify because Coyle threatened to reveal that his daughter has a criminal record for drugs.

Next, Margery testifies and insists Heidi was happy and never talked about Coyle doing anything to her until after she was fired. In the hall, Heidi confronts Margery despite Benson's advice. Margery insists Coyle would never do anything like that.

Margery goes to Coyle and he wants to celebrate that they are winning their case. When she asks for the sex tape he made of them back, he gets nasty and tries to rape her. It turns out she was wearing a body cam. She goes to Benson with that and Benson tells her she was taking a risk. She wants to tell the truth now. 

Benson gives the tape to Barba. He uses it to make a deal in which Coyle goes away for 18 months.

Dodds comes to see Benson and admits he doesn't like to come to SVU because it makes him think of Mike and he still misses him.

Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 16 Quotes

Turner: The real reason Heidi is having her breakdown is she's trying to renegotiate her contract and she's heard that Marjorie Evans is being groomed to replace her.
Fin: Groomed? By who?
Turner: This is a brutal business, especially for women.

Davina: It was like I was frozen. I couldn't move.
Heidi: Because you were being raped.
Harold: I can't imagine what it was like for you.
Heidi: Of course you didn't. Cause it never happened to you.