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A Chinese woman talks to her boyfriend online. He wants her to speak English and tells her to come to San Francisco. She is interrupted by two people telling her to go now.

Fin is watching from across the street as Mei-Mei and the two escorts come out of a building.

Rollins walks down the street.

Kat watches at the people sit on a bench by the pier.

SVU is briefed by Joe Park on the situation. THere is human trafficking going on in a spa in Chinatown. Benson gives strict orders not to arrest the girls, just the johns and the ringleaders.

There is a raid and Mei Mei runs away despite Rollins telling her not to be scared.

Carisi runs out and tells a cop to put his gun down. He goes up the fire escape just in time to see the girl almost fall. He rescues her.

Carisi is back in DA mode now, trying to find out where they are with the case and who he can prosecute.

Mei Mei tells Rollins that she told her brother she teaches Chinese to US kids and doesn't want him to know the truth.

Kat talks to another girl who has learned English by watching Days of Our Lives and friends. She says she owes money to a Chinese gang. She has to pay or they will hurt her family.

Evelyn Lee pretends not to speak English. She is not cooperative and says Benson will not be able to close the case. She suggests Benson let her give her a massage for free.

Fin and Park talk to a Chinese guy who gives cryptic responses.

They find security cameras that are routed to a nail salon across the street. Security footage shows the girls servicing dozens of men a day. Benson says this is rape and asks Rollins to get Mei-Mei in so they can shut this down.

Mei Mei looks at a photo and calls the guy "bad egg". She doesn't know his name.. One of the other girls says she was told to let him do what he wants. He has connections.

A guy is arrested and lawyers ups.

Mei Mei is in a shelter and all shaken up so she isn't a good witness. Rollins talks to her and she says she has to work every week to pay protection money. She doesn't believe Rollins that they can put the leaders of this prostitution ring in jail. She says nothing can be done and she's going back to the spa tomorrow.

Kat's girl is much more positive, sure once Mama-Son is in jail she will be free.

Carisi is worried about his case.

Kat comes with Lili, but she gets a text and asks to use the bathroom. 

Later Kat looks in the bathroom and finds Lily has gone out the window and is dead. She finds Lili's phone.

Mei Mei is upset because no one comes to Lili's funeral. She says Mama-Son did this. She is scared to turn on her. She says this wouldn't have happened if Charley was there. He loved Lili.

Charlie refuses to cooperate with the cops. He says the guy they arrested didn't rape Lili but he couldn't stop them from  hurting the other girls. He doesn't know the name of the guy involved in all this. He is depressed about Lili's death.

A sting operation commences. Rollins and Fin arrest the contact who claims he didn't know what was going on. When confronted with the photos of the rape, he claims that this is a victimless crime and the girls wanted him to have sex with them.

Rick's father doesn't see what the big deal is. and claims the payments are for rent. The father wants to make a deal. The lawyer says he wants no charges filed against Rick if they want his father's cooperation.

The cops talk to Hadid who blames the inability to arrest the victims for not being able to put an end to this.  Hadid doesn't think the well-connected traffickers can be prosecuted. She wants hard evidence.

Benson talks to Mama-Son. Mama-Son goes on about how she just hires people for massage. She denies that the girls have been raped. Benson says Mama-Son knew what was going on and threatened Lili's family. Benson brings up Mama-Son's daughter who has been accepted to UC Davis. She says they will not accept tuition paid for by sex traffickers. If they find out about what Mama-Son is doing her daughter will not go to college. She wants info about the Changs. Where do they get the girls and the money? Mama-Son tells her about another intermediary, Lester Payne.

There is another raid. Rollins finds listings of the girls and money spent. She sends them to Benson. Carisi says he will call Hadid.

Christina Chang makes a speech about helping immigrants like her. Rollins is disgusted. Park tells her not to make the arrest yet. They come forward and arrest them on the stage.

Christina denies involvement in sex trafficking. Benson says that she uses the bus lines to transport the girls from one spa to another. The defense attorney is offended. Carisi says Lester has talked.  Carisi says six girls were smuggled out from Christina's village. Christina rants about how her family was persecuted in Communist China because her parents practiced Western medicine. She says a man helped her come to the US and she had no other resources. She helped thousands of girls to escape too.

Carisi tells Hadid that Christina confessed. They make a deal but federal agents show up in court to arrest Christina and press federal charges instead. Hadid says her boss signed off on this and that's why Christina confessed so easily. Hadid claims she didn't know about this. She goes. MEanwhile Mei Mei gives Carisi a dirty look before she goes.

Benson fills Kat and Fin in. Kat is upset that so many people are going to be off the hook with this. Benson suggests she go home. 

Kat goes. Fin says Kat won't last. Benson says Kat is blaming herself for what happened to Lili.

Mei Mei doesn't understand what happened. But either way, Mei Mei is not in debt anymore. She wonders what she is going to do now. Mei Mei talks to her brother and he invites her to come live with him. 


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Law & Order: SVU Season 21 Episode 7 Quotes

You save a life, you're responsible for that life.


We arrest the johns, but leave the girls alone. If they want to talk, fine, but otherwise we just offer them immigration help and legal and medical assistance.