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A grl bumps into a woman in NYC. She says she lost her friends. THe woman suggests they take a pedi-cab. The girl's phone is dead. The woman offers to take her to her place.

The girl apepars to be high as Adam Arkin is giving a lecture about depression and Go Ask Alice plays in the background.

The girl is tied to a bed and an oxygen mask pver her face. She discovers she is tied up and starts having hallucinations. She starts screaming for Analise. She sees weird images where the three men who come in with Andaise turn into cyborgs. She is told to dig her own grave.

The girl runs away and crwals through the woods still high and out of it.

The next day, the girl is found by the EMTs. She is rambling as Rollins tries to talk to her.

The girl had DMT  in her system and can't consent to a rape kit yet. The hospital had to restrain her.

Benson goes to talk to the girl, who wants to go home to Kansas and gives them her name: Meaghan.

Benson removes the restraints. Meaghan goes on about machine elves and how the room was spinning 

Kat gets ahold of the parents and tells them that Meaghan is safe. She was supposed to be at a bachelorette party.

Kat and Fin talk to the friends, who didn't realize something was wrong when Meaghan disappears.

Meaghan says she went on a horseless chariot. That doesn't make sense to Fin, but Kat gets security footage showing that she was in a pedicab. Meaghan freaks out about the idea of resting but Rollins promises to stay with her.

The doctor tells Benson that there is a second victim who is in the psych ward after a similar DMT overdose.

Benson tells the Chief DEputy the new victim was misidentified as mentally ill homeless person and was sent to the psych ward.  Deputy Chief wonders if it's a cult. Benson says maybe. There's an older man that Meaghan mentioned.

Garland wants this kept out of the press but another victim has been found.

The new victim is an exchange student from Sweden who says she was taken to a house of trolls. She also saw a man with a beard. She remembers a stone woman and a lot of steps. Rollins suggests she draw what she saw, but she draws monsters.

Benson is checking clinical trials to see if any DMT has been stolen. Garland thinks the stone woman might be a statue he knows of.

Benson takes Freya and she IDs the statue.Benson asks her if she remembers any other landmarks. Freya remembers floating triangles on the road. It is the AIDS memorial. Freya says they are close to where she was taken. She remembers a wall of posters and there they are.

Benson takes Freya down a block. She freaks out when she sees a brownstone and says that's the place. She wants to go. A man opens the blinds and stares at them.

The brownstone belongs to Julius Adler, a radical psychiatrist who uses psychedelics as a cure-all. 

Kat and Fin go to talk to Adler, who claims he doesn't know the girls but maybe they came to an open house. He won't let the cops in without a warrant.

Rollins goes to talk to Benson. She says she took some psych courses in Atlanta and Adler was a guest professor. She is sure he was not involved. Benson says people change. Rollins says he keeps an open door for students so she could make an approach.

Rollins puts on glasses and goes to Adler's lecture about how social oppression causes problems. Rollins comes up to him. He remembers her from Atlanta. She says she's finishing up a masters and all roads lead to him. His book resonated with her. His daughter interrupts. Adler tells her to come to his open house tonight.

The cops monitor as Rollins talks with Rollins. Fin and Kat think psychiatry is bunk anyway. Benson tells them to be quiet. Adler says somethig about alternative reality. Meanwhile, someone outside brings in industrial tanks. Fin says they are cooking their own drugs.

Rollins tries to reject Adler's offer of drugs. The feed goes out. Fin arrests the deliveryman and Benson arrests everyone in the house. Adler's daughter is shocked that Rollins is a cop. Rollins says she didn't inhale but Rollins begins hallucinating.

Adler says he knows Amanda was on a journey. He's curious as to where she went. Carisi doesn't like this.

The daughter says they're a family. She says her father teaches people how to be whole.

Freya has gone back to Stockholm. Meaghan IDed Adler and his daughter but doesn't remember much.

Rollins doesn't think that Adler raped anyone. Carisi disagrees.

Caleb's parents are here. They say it's like their son is in a cult.  They had an intervention and paid for a deprogrammer but nothing worked.

Adler says these kids come from abusive homes. He says this isn't rape, it's about freeing their libido.  He tries to act like Amanda's therapist. He says he has a government approved grant for research.

Rollins says something happened to Adler. 15 years ago he was an authority. Carisi says he thinks this is sex trafficking but he can't put anyone on the stand. Kat discovers that Adler's wife isn't deceased after all.

Kathleen Bell Adler was institutionalized 20 years ago. She has psychosis. She is worried about her daughter. No one has visited her.. She will be institutionalized permanently. 

Benson thinks Adler did this to his wife. Rollins doesn't believe it. She wants to question Adler. Benson isn't sure she can trust her because of her blind spot.

Rollins asks Adler about his wife. He says leave her alone. He says time has stopped for her but there's no return from this kind of psychotic break. He insists it wasn't his fault. She was raped as a child. He was her doctor initially. He says he gave her love and positive sexual energy. He says it worked for a time and they were happy. But the baby's growth triggered her traumatic memories. He is trying to save other victims. He says Freud knew about the prevalence of incest. Amanda says so these assaults are therapy? Adler says he is reconnecting them with their true selves. He insists that the ones who are institutionalized are not his fault and calls Amanda Kathleen. He starts ranting and engaging n word salad. He tries to climb a window, then hugs Rollins and calls her Kathleen and is so glad she's back. Fin says there's an ambulance on the way. Fin and Benson think it's an act.

Rollins tells Carisi that Adler is catatonic and not a ruse. Carisi is going to arraign him anyway. Rollins wants 24 hours before arraigning the daughter. Carisi asks what's her deal with this guy? Rollins can't believe he's so far gone. There was a time she was lost and thought he had the answers and wanted to follow him. Carisi says she was smarter and dodged a bullet.

Adler's daughter is reunited with her mom at Bellevue. Kathleen asks if she's okay. She doesn't know. Kathleen says she talked to her father about her. Rollins goes.


Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 21 Episode 8 Quotes

Fin: What was she doing in New York?
Kat: Bachelorette party.
Fin: And her friends didn't report her missing?
Kat: Some friends.

Fin: She give you anything?
Rollins: She started going on about machine elves.
Fin: She's tripping out.
Rollins: Drugs or psychotic break or both.
Benson: [over radio]: I may have something.
[At grave site]
Fin: They buried her alive.
Rollins: They got her to do it. Told her to dig her own grave.
Fin: What the hell did they do to this girl?