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After a bunch of flashbacks, Leon's wife is deposed in front of Fin during a lawsuit. She won't answer questions about Leon's parole. She just didn't want her son watch his father get shot. There is a flashback of that.

A woman seems to be unhappy with this guy who just showed up. The kids show up hungry. The older one says he'll put in some pop tarts. The man calls him a fruit tart and tells him to get out of here..

Later the man grabs the boy by the arm and says he stole his bacon. He continues abusing the boy while being nice to his little sister.

Rollins is angry about the lawsuit. Kat interrupts. There is a DV situation. At first Benson says local cops should handle it, but relents. Rollins and Kat find the woman on the floor.

At the hospital, Benosn sends the other cops off and talks to the woman, Irina. Irina claims she was just rushing to pick up the kids.

Rollins talks to the boyfriend, who says people need to mind their own business and in WV it's legal to beat your wife on Sunday.

Irina asks about Will. Benson asks her about the bruising on Will's arm.

Boyfriend says Will is a runt and he tries to teach him to defend himself. He swears he never hurt that boy. 

Irina wants to be with her kids. Benson says her kids are at school with a detective.

School nurse says Will always has a story about why he got hurt. Kat talks to him and he says kids were messing with him on the bus. Kat asks about Dwight but are interrupted by Will's dad, who is a cop and doesn't want Will being dragged into this.  He sends Will off and tells Kat he doesn't like Dwight. He should have fought for custody.

Carisi talks to Benson, who says that Irina is afraid of Dwight. Carisi thinks they need to find a way to get Dwight on the road.

Irina says Dwight is here taking care of her. Benson is worried about the kids too. Irina says Dwight will never hurt Leanne, and then insists she meant to say Will too. She says Mark's new wife won't love the idea of the kids staying with him and they will all be fine.

Little Andre is made to testify. He asks Fin why he shot his dad.

Fin tells Benson Joelle wants money and that's why she made Andre testify. 

Benson says don't underestimate how exhausting these despositions can be. Kat gets an alert on Irina's building. FIn insists on going. Dwight is dead -- electrocuted in the tub with a hairdryer.

Irina has been brought in and her ex told her to wait for her lawyer. Lawyer arrives and says it was an accident. Irina agrees. She says she called 911 after she found Dwight. Rollins challenges her story.

Irina says she didn't know what to do so she closed the door and called 911.

Leanne wants to see her mom. She's hungry and wants a hot dog. She says Will wouldn't make her one last night because it was made of meat. He made veggie burgers right before Daddy's accident.

Will shows up at the station with Mark.

Mark says his wife didn't want to have the kids there so he brought Leanne home but n ot Will. Fin asks Will about dinner. Mark insists Will was with him. Fin says they are both cops so you might as well thell me the truth now.  Mark is angry. Will confesses and Mark grabs his arm and calls him stupid.

Benson realizes Will has been a punching bag his whole life.

Rollins tries to talk to Irina. Her lawyer won't let her talk and snaps his fingers at her and tells her they're going home.

Pippa Cox is defending Will. Fin asks if Carisi is charging Will. Rollins thinks it's self-defense. Fin thinks Will is covering for Irina. He leaves.

The cops go to see Irina and search her things. Irina tries to stop Leanne from talking but Leanne says that Dwight was yelling at Irina before his accident.

A pregnant woman shows up and says she's Dwight's wife and wants to know who murdered him. She says he was a good man and her baby will never meet his daddy. 

Carisi's phone rings. It's Rollins.

Irina's lawyer says Leanne is six so her testimony is inadmissible. Carisi says Irina needs to tell them what happened. The lawyer says that we're all better off without Dwight. Carisi says does that include his grieving widow in West Virginia? Irina insists that Dwight was not married to Sherrie. Benson tries to tell Irina that Dwight was a liar and and abuser. The lawyer tries to put a stop to it. Irina says Will won't go to jail as he's 14. Carisi says now he has no choice b ut to charge Will as an adult. Benson runs after him.

Pippa Cox thinks this is ridiculous. Carisi says if Will tells him the truth he'll send him to juvie instead. Will insists his mom wasn't there and Leanne has everything confused. Carisi says he'll give them privacy. First he says Will is just a kid. Will insists his mom wasn't there. LEanne needed to use the bathroom and Dwight told him to shut up and that Leanne can use the kitchen sink. So he saw the hairdryer and snapped. Carisi says there goes self-defense.

At trial, a forensics expert says it being an accident is unlikely. Pippa gets the expert to say he can't know what Will felt, only the physical evidence.

Mark testifies and says he knew it was self-defense. He was worried about his son. 

Pippa asks if Mark knew Dwight was bullying Will. He believed Will was terrified. He doesn't think Will is capable of murder. (How come no one brought up Mark's abuse of Will too?)

Irina is in the stairwell. She wants to know when she will testify. She wants to know if Mark blamed her. He always blamed her for everything. She grew up in an abusive house and didn't want that for her kids.

Fin testifies. There was no way Leon would let Joelle and Andre walk out of there.

Irina testifies that she thinks Dwight was attacking Will. She didn't call 911 right away because she was afraid of what would happen to Will even though she knew it was self-defense.  Carisi argues that Will would have to get the hairdryer and plug it in. So there was time for Dwight to get out of the tub if he had attacked Will. 

Irina insists her son is innocent and shouldn't be sitting there. He didn't kill Dwight. She did.

Carisi thinks Irina is trying to cause a mistrial. Benson thinks Irina is telling the truth. Will has been protecting his mom from men his whole life.

Benson and Carisi come in and tell the lawyer to be quiet and let Irina talk.  She says Dwight taunted Will and said he didn't have the balls to throw the hairdryer in. She couldn't let Will do that so she did it. Her lawyer says she is stupid and should let Will testify he did it. She tells him to get out. He finally leaves and Carisi says that he will get her another lawyer.

Irina confesses in front of the judge.  Carisi dismisses the case against Will and accepts a guilty plea from Irina. Sherrie is angry that Irina only gets a year and counseling. Sherrie must be removed from the courtroom.

The city has settled for $2 million. Kat and Rollins are upset. Fin says the last thing he wanted to be was another trigger happy cop. He didn't like the way cops treated him growing up and that's why he became one.


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Law & Order: SVU Season 22 Episode 2 Quotes

Boy, if you don't toughen up, this world will run all over you.


Lawyer: Mrs. Fuller, are you saying you didn't want Leon's parole officer to be involved?
Mrs. Fuller: What I didn't want was for my son to see his father get shot and bleed out on the floor!