McGrath Is Out for Blood - Law & Order: SVU Season 25 Episode 4
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Somebody is riding a bike toward what sounds like a party in a house. Lots of people inside A bunch of people make fun of him when he asks for a girl named Shea. He says he's her math tutor. A girl says Shea is upstairs.

Shea is passed out and half naked.

Meanwhile Benson has her EMDR therapy and is asked to recall seeing Maddie.  Benson asks if she's doing this right. She is able to list to the therapist every single missing child case she's had. The therapist asks why Maddie is different? Benson doesn't know what happened to her. The therpaist suggests there are other unknowns in Benson's life. She notices the compass necklace. She asks what she is hoping to navigate. The session ends The therapist has an issue with a patient and hopes Benson can help. This patient may have been sexually assaulted. There's a complication. The girl's father is McGrath.

Benson comes to see McGrath at his home. She tells him she needs to talk to his daughter.

McGrath asks if Shea is in trouble. Mrs. McGrath (Amy Carlson) shows up. Shea also shows upShea is fine talking to Benson.

Shea is reluctant but eventually tells Benson she was sort of out of it but remembers a guy coming in her room and opening his pants. The guy already had a hard on so she went with it. THey had sex but she didn't want to. She won't tell the boy's name.  She says it's Sagar, her math tutor.

McGrath wants to know why Benson wants to take Shea to the ER. His wife says let Benson do her job. Benson tries to talk him out of going to the hospital. Shea trusts her right now and she doesn't want to lose that.

Shea does not want to see her mother at the hospital either. Katie says her husband knew about the party. She could tell something was bothering Shea. She was the only one at home. She doesn't know anything about Shea's life but she has security cameras.    

Shea covered the security cameras. Fin and Bruno think maybe Shea wasn't raped. Fin tells Benson that Brooklyn SVU took the case. Benson wants Saagar brought in for a chat anyway.

Sagaar claims that he found Shea half naked. McGrath shows up and says that he is going to kill the kid. Benson manages to kick him out of the squad room. For some reason FIn says I told you so. Benson goes to IAB .

Benson reports McGrath's behavior to IAB. She decides that McGrath needs supervision during the investigation and all questioning of Saagar will be at the DA's office.

Saagar claims he went to his girlfriend's after. His alibi checks out. Curry wonders if Shea only told half a story. Benson doesn't appreciate that. Mrs. McGrath comes in to talk to her and Curry and isn't happy IAB is there. Curry  has a teenager too and says prefrontal cortex is not fully formed. Benson wants to question Shea again. Curry says if you want justice this is how you get it. Mrs. McGrath agrees. Shea doesn't want to tell who the boy is because he lives across the street. Mrs. McGrath says Tommy and this boy's father are good friends.

Liam's parents say they know about the alcohol and the party. The father calls Tommy. Liam says he'll go talk to them. The parents insist on coming.

McGrath shows up as they are all leaving and is angry that IAB is there. Fin asks Benson if she's sorry she took this case. She is not.  

The Dowlings have been read their rights. Carisi says he will sit in. Benson tells Curry she respects McGrath.

Liam's father says his son didn't rape anyone and that Shea was always wild. Fin says they searched Shea's room. Liam's father wants to know what happened. Liam says they had sex but she was the one who wanted it. His father says stop.

At this point it's not clear if Shea was raped or had consensual sex. Carisi says he will try to get witness statements.

A boy tells Fin that he saw Shea and LIam go into a room and Shea closed the door. A girl has a photo of Liam fist-bumping otherguys. The cops realize that Saagar had a camera in his helmet. He didn't tell them anything about it because he was being falsely accused. They take the footage and see there was a girl who witnessed the assault.

Shea doesn't know the girl's name. Her mother doesn't see why this matters. Shea denies consenting to the sex. She says she wanted to make o ut. They were on her bed kissing and Liam took her shirt off. She says it felt good but she didn't want to go more than that and he pulled up her skirt. She says she told him to stop. Mrs. McGrath wants to talk to Benson alone. She says that Tommy overstepped and understands it won't happen again. So she can call off IAB. Benson tells her she can't do that. She asks her if she wants Tommy's job? Benson is shocked/ Benson tells her that is not what is going on. Mrs. McGrath doesn't want to talk anymore and says Shea won't testify.

The witness says she never met Shea before. She took Shea into the bathroom because something happened to her that was similar. She says Shea told her Liam raped her.

The cops arrest Liam. Dowling and Chief McGrath start yelling at each other. Dowling says a lot of nonsense about Shea being a slut who seduced his son. McGrath decides pulling his gun is a good idea. Somehow Benson and Mrs. McGrath talk him down. He says he's sorry.

Carisi offers three years in juvie. Liam's lawyer agrees. Fin tells Liam confessin was brave, but not what he did to Shea. Liam says that his dad said his mom slapped him the first time she kissed him.

Liam has gotten ROR til sentencing begins.

Benson wants to report McGrath for p ulling his gun. They get a 911 call to the Dowling house. Liam and his father both have been arrested. Mrs. Dowling says that her husband pu shed her but he doesn't want to hurt her. Mrs. Dowling says she should have told someone years ago. The McGraths are watching from across the street.

McGrath asks Benson about Janice. He feels guilty he didn't see what Mickey was doing. But he didn't see it in himself either.  He admits he misses when Shea was little and idolized him. Benson encourages him to just be her father and love her. That's more than she got.  He says he understands that Benson has to report him. Benson wishes him good luck.

Benson goes to a bar and meets Curry, who says that McGrath is on modified duty and they are already looking for replacements. Curry says she is not looking to get his job. Curry says she wanted to make a difference when she joined IAB. She wants to join SVU. Benson realizes they can get a lot done with no real chief. They toast tot he future.



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Law & Order: SVU Season 25 Episode 4 Quotes

Shea: If you tell my parents I had a party, they'll be super pissed.
Benson: I don't care about the party. I'm here for one reason and one reason only. I want to make sure you're okay.

Benson: Am I even doing this right?
Therapist: Just follow my fingers and tell me how it feels.
Benson: It's... dizzying.