Discovering a Victim After a Robbery - Law & Order: SVU Season 25 Episode 2
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Benson is going for a run and thinks she sees the van Maddie was taken in. She almost gets run over chasing it and opens the door only for some guy to yell at her that she's crazy.

Fin has found out that the gun used in the abduction is 15 years old. There's an FBI guy waiting for Benson. He says he's here to coordinate. He says they are working on a behaviral profile and will share it with her.

Two women, Brooke and Nat alie are discussing their honeymoon. Brooke says she's afraid of sharks in the water on the beach. 

Natalie goes to try on bathing suits in a department store. Suddenly there is all this shouting as a mob breaks into the store and starts smashing things. She comes out and watches the mob causing chaos. One of the robbers sees her.

SVU is called in because a woman was sexually assaulted. It was the woman who was working at the store.

Benson walks in and hears sobbing. She finds Natalie hiding in a corner of an employees only area, crying.

The cops question Natalie in the hospital. She recalls tr ying on a bathing suit Brooke would like and hearing a lot of commotion. She says that the robber raped her in the dressing room. He was young. He had a mask on. She needs Brooke.

Brooke thinks the cops are letting people get hurt to prove they're necessary.

Bruno gets a lead from a friend of his investigating smash and grabs. THey get security footage and go to watch it , avoiding the press.

The ecurity cameras show the rapist taking his mask off, contradicting Natalie's opinion. Also there's social media of the robbers bragging about their crime.  Benson sees the rapist is on it. They got a name off the social media account of Travis Butler and go to arrest him. The guy runs away but doesn't get too far.

Travis offers to give back the shirt. He also claims the rapist wasn't his friend. He says he was just trying to put food on the table. Bruno doesn't think so. Travis insists again that guy isn't his friend. He wants to get something in return for giving up a name. He claims he only met the guy outside the store and never saw him without a mask.  They are going to charge him with robbery and put a tail on him when he makes bail.

Major Case has caught 18 robbers. Carisi says this seems like it's about Maddie instead of Natalie. Benson wants to catch this guy. BEnson suggests getting Natalie and the other victim to to a mug shot ID. Jenny IDs the rapist. Natalie doesn't recognize anyone.  She asks if they are sure the men in the lineup are guilty. She says she's not sure if she knows his face.

Fin tells Benson t hat the guy the other victim ID'd wants a deal. He'll ID his fence.

The cops question the fence. He claims not to know about a rape at first but Fin says CSU is checking his crib. The robbers break inand start throwing chairs. A cop tries to use a gun. Benson orders that no one shoot the robebrs as they are just kids.

After the situation is under control, Benson tells Carisi taht Travis was one of the people arrested for the attack. He livestreamed his arrest.

Bruno asks Travis if he's stupid. Travis is glad that he got 100k views. They tell him he's going to jail for a long time unless he tells them  who the rapist is. He says he knows the guy since fifth grade. The cops tell him he raped a woman -- what would he do if someone did that to his sister? Travis still won't give up a name. Finally he does: Jay Watson.

Jay is arrested. He hasn't confessed so far. Benson can tell Carisi needs more.

Natalie needs to make an ID but is skeptical of whether the guy did it and insists she didn't get a good look.  Benson explains to her how the lineup works. Benson promises she won't make Natalie do anything she's not comfortable with.

Natalie says she sees her rapist. Number 3. She says she's sure. The lawyer says there's n o evidence and that the "so-called victim" keeps changing her mind. Carisi tells Benson he agrees with Carter because Natalie didn't ID anyone at the hospital.

Benson realizes the bathing suit should have had a liner. A male CSU tech might not have realized what it was.

In court, Benson testifies about the liner. The liner has Jay's DNA. The judge allows Benson to speculate about the liner being removed but not to say that she suffered a brutal attack. Carter makes the point that she just "happened" upon the evidence. Benson explains that evidence is collected all the time. Carter also tries to claim racism.

Benson talks to Brooke who says she was up all night with Natalie. Benson says that's understandable after trauma. Brooke says they're worried that Jay won't receive a fair trial because he's Black. How can she possibly do this job when there's racism? Benson says her focus is on healing. She does what she can.'Natalie is testifying next. She asks if Natalie is okay. Natalie says she's fine. Benson asks her if she's sure. Natalie says yeah. It's time for Natalie to testify. She asks to use the bathroom. Benson worries that she pushed Natalie too hard for her own reasons. She toells Carisi about the energy truck. Carisi tells her he knows her and she will close the case.

Natalie testifies. She asys she froze when she was pushed into the dressing room and testifies about the rape. Carisi asks her to ID the assailant. She looks at Jay and says nothing. Carisi asks for a recess. The judge gives him 5 minutes.

Natalie says she froze because Jay's suit doesn't fit. She says her parents used to foster children and her brother is from Cameroon. When they were 12 she dared him to steal a pack of gum and he was arrested and that pushed him down the wrong path. Benson says that never should ahve happened, but Jay raped her. Natalie says you think I forgot? This trial is an exercise in reminding her. She says she will do something about it. She cang et therapy but if Jay goes to prison he may not be. She doesn't want that to happen. She runs away. Benson runs after her. She says she is right to emphasize that justice should be about rehabilitation, but the answer isn't to go too far in the other direction.

The judge wants to know where the witness is. Natalie comes back. The trial resumes and she IDs Jay. She talks about the familial trauma that caused her not to ID him before.

Carter claims the cops coerced her into making the ID. He says white guilt shouldn't dictate his client's guilt. She says his client raped her.

Carter comes to see Carisi. His client changed his mind about a plea. Carisi says he's not sure he's open to a plea. Jay comes in. He admits he raped Natalie. He says it was just supposed to be a robberty but ho one ever paid any attention to him so why would this be different? But he changed her life forever. So he guesses he learned his lesson. Carisi tells him when he gets out he'll still have time to rehabilitate himself.  He wants to speak to Natalie now.

Benson wonders how she is supposed to live a normal life when Maddie is still missing

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Law & Order: SVU Season 25 Episode 2 Quotes

We were joking around a couple of hours ago, planning our honeymoon. How could this happen?


Benson: Are you here to take away my case?
Clay: No. I'm here to coordinate.