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There's a party with loud music and women showing off skintight outfits. A designer announces he's proud of his new flagship boutique. He is heartbroken by the anger and violence in NYC but he believes in the city.

His body is found dead. A witness heard him yelling but there are no other clues. Violet says that Sutton had a grand opening last night.

The cops check out the boutique and an employee is shocked and upset. He says Sutton got in an argument with a woman who showed up randomly. Sutton left after the argument and the woman followed him.

The woman says Sutton caused her business to close. However she says she and Sutton talked it out but he got some crazy call from an ex-model while they were talking.

The cops try to stop the model who grabs a gun out of her purse. They arrest her.

The model says she has a carry permit etc and carries the gun because she's being stalked. She admits she's been on edge. She would never have hurt Sutton. She was in her apartment crying last night. She wasn't angry with Sutton. He was so upbeat and generous. She got the biggest contract of her life three days ago.

Dixon knocks on the door. Sophia's doorman confirms she was in her apartment and the gun was not the murder weapon. Dixon thinks they should give her a break since she's being stalked.

Shaw says Sophia gave Sutton an expensive watch which is missing. Violet finds he was wearing it at the grand opening. Dixon wonders if this is a straight up robbery, but Sutton's watch was the only thing stolen. Cosgrove says the watch has a GPS chip. They track it to a warehouse and break in. They see someone running. They catch the guy who claims he works here. The warehouse is full of supplies like toothpaste. Cosgrove finds the watch.

The suspect claims he knows nothing about the watch. He buys stuff in bulk and sells them in the neighborhood. He knows nothing about the murder and is done talking.

Eddie's lawyer doesn't see why he should talk. He says white cops are punishing black men for minor crimes. Dixon throws him out.

Violet finds footage of guys bringing in stolen goods. But it's all low end, like toothpaste, shaving cream, etc. Eddie has an alibi so where did the watch come from? Shaw wonders if the owner of the bag stole a bunch of stuff including the watch.

Cosgrove and Shaw stake out the warehouse to see who else is working at the warehouse. The guy runs away from Shaw, leading to a second chase through the warehouse. This time he gets away and almost gets hit by a car before he's caught.

The suspect claims he's not doing anything illegal because people will look the other way when he steals from stores. He is shocked when he's arrested.

Cosgrove rants about how stealing has become normalized and people will fight back. Shaw tries to tell him it's more complicated than that.

A pharmacy manager says people steal from him all day long. He remembers the guy with the duffel bag who hit him when he tried to stop him. He says customers are scared to come here because of all the thieves.

There is security video showing Sutton tried to stop the shoplifter. Facial rec shows the perp is Nick Castillo.

The cops have a search warrant for Castillo's residence. His girlfriend or whatever she is says he's in the hospital after getting shot.

Nick is arrested at the hospital despite his claim that having an infection makes him unarrestable.

Castillo appears by video and his defense attorney wants ROR so he can recover. The defense attorney claims there are no witnesses or any other evidence (what does this have to do with bail?) Maroun points out his long record, including 63 no-shows in court. The judge agrees. The defense attorney gives a pre-trial motion.

In chambers, the judge agrees that Castillo's 107 prior arrests is prejudicial and can't be used.

Nolan says there is no point to appealing. Maroun is frustrated and thinks they should offer Eddie a deal so he gives up Castillo. Nolan thinks they have a strong enough case.

Nolan uses the video in his opening statement and claims that Castillo killed Sutton. The defense attorney tries to object to Nolan's opening. She demands a mistrial based on the opening. The jjudge refuses this and warns the defense attorney if she doesn't stop interrupting she will be held in contempt.

Nolan has never experienced anything like this. He says there is no evidence of what the defense attorney is claiming. Maroun says there is no evidence either way. McCoy is concerned about what the jury will think. Nolan thinks the jury will like Sutton anyway. Maroun thinks they should offer a plea. McCoy says no. Castillo is a career criminal and they need to send a message.

Cosgrove blames bail reform for this tragedy. The cops discover that Maroun arraigned Castillo 10 months ago but he was released ROR.

Maroun meets with the victim from the previous case. She says she doesn't need a translator anymore. She says the person who stole her wallet had a gun and she tried to tell Maroun that but she never called her back.

Maroun says she tried to call back but couldn't get a translator and then she was promoted. If she'd known about the gun none of this would have happened. Price tries to tell her it's not her fault. She had too big a caseload.

The defense attorney of course objects to the witness' testimony and is overruled yet again.  She refuses to cross-examine.

Maroun gets a subpoena demanding she testify for the defense.

In chambers Price will stipulate that the new evidence came in. The judge says the defense has the right to question this witness!

Maroun takes the stand. The defense attorney asks if the woman had ever mentioned anything about the gun. She tries to say that the witness lied in court. Price successfully objects to this ridiculous line of questioning, twice.

Price cross-examines asking Maroun about her caseload etc. The defense attorney looks angry.  She successfully objects to Price asking how many cases Maroun handled well (why?)

Maroun apologizes to McCoy and asks if he's here to fire her. He tells her to stop feeling sorry for herself and get back to work.

Maroun goes through case files She finds something and calls Shaw to talk to him about the case.

The redhaired guy who didn't know stealing was a crime testifies. The defense attorney objects to literally everything and keeps getting overrruled. He admits Eddie gave all his employees guns to get people to back off if they were confronted while stealing.  He says Eddie gave Castillo a gun too.

The jury finds Castillo guilty of murder. Castillo seems to be aggressive toward his attorney.

Maroun is still looking at case files late into the night. Price thanks her for winning the trial. She thinks it's her fault that Sutton is dead.


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Law & Order Season 22 Episode 6 Quotes

I guess that makes you the fashion police.

*After finding Sutton's dead body and realizing he's a fashion designer* Cosgrove

As someone who grew up in this city, I'm disappointed in all the anger and violence. But we do not give up! I believe in New York and even more importantly, I believe in New Yorkers.