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The Necromancer wakes up as a human in Texas. 

He works at an ice cream store, chanting that he should be working as a master with followers. 

Someone he works with agrees to follow him, and Ted starts to bring animals back from the dead. 

When they travel to the Malivore pit, Ted kills Chad. 

One month later, he brings him back to life. They head to Virginia and find themselves in Stefan's crypt. 

Ted says they will kill Hope and some teenagers at the school. 

That doesn't sit well with Chad, who tries to kill the Necromancer. 

The Necromancer wakes up and says he is his own human but he will control him. 

They bring a villain out of the pit and send him to the school. 

Hope returns to the school and is shocked that Alyssa has taken her room. 

Hope is stuck with a small part of it, and Josie is avoiding her. Hope helps Josie get rid of some dark magic and it brings them back together. 

Landon puts Sebastian through his paces to be sure he is safe for the school. He mostly passes ... until Alaric finds out the truth about him. 

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Legacies Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Alyssa: Well, it's just you.
Hope: Alyssa? What's all this?
Alyssa: I moved in while you were forgotten, or whatever. Your side's over there.
Hope: I usually have a single.
Alyssa: Which is what I had until this exact moment. I go to bed at 10, so no late night visitors, and I don't want ants so no eating in the room. Later, roomie.

Someone once said you can't go home again. I hope they were wrong.