Too Close To Home - Lethal Weapon
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Murtaugh is in his old neighborhood with RJ getting shaved. Marcus comes in with pirated DVD's. He used to go to school with RJ. They reconnect.

Riggs is on the beach washing his clothes when Dr. Cahill shows up. She was surfing.

Riggs shows up at Murtaugh's house, but he's not home. He helps Trish feed the baby.

On the way home, Murtaugh gets a call about a robbery. He kicks RJ out of the car and head to the robbery in progress about six blocks away. Riggs show up. The robbers crash into Murtaugh's car and a chase ensues. The van crashes into a garage, but the bad guys come out shooting on a motorcyle.

At the station, Murtaugh is yelling out orders. He's upset this is happening in his neighborhood. Cruz offers to help. Avery lets everyone know that Cruz is now part of the team having requested a transfer to robbery and homicide after working with Riggs and Murtaugh. Bailey is not too happy about it.

Baily finds the black hulk Murtaugh was describing. RIggs and Murtaugh head to the gym where the guy was seen and find him in the showers. They try to get him to exit peacefully, but he isn't in the mood and a fight ensues. Eventually Riggs and Murtaugh are able to subdue him.

Back at the station, Riggs and Murtaugh question Rajon who isn't giving them any information until Murtaugh provokes him. Riggs and Murtaugh go back to Murtaughs old neighborhood and talk to Coach Wiley about Rajon. They see one of the guys from the earlier burglary and chase him down.

Marcus and RJ are driving around when they are pulled over. RJ lets the cop know his dad is a detective for the LAPD and the cop lets them go. Marcus gets a text that he has to "get here now" and kicks RJ out of the car and leaves.

Bailey and Cruz take the busted guy from the basketball courts into custody. 

Riggs and Murtaugh are driving back to station when they get a call from Bailey about another robbery in progress. Haley is stuck in the house and hiding in a closet. She's patched through to Riggs who is trying to calm her down. She wants to run to the door, but Riggs tries to tell her not to. She does anyway and is caught by the robbers who then shoot her dead. Riggs and Murtaugh show up, but it's too late.

Avery makes the robbery case number one priority for the department, because of the murder.

Riggs is talking to Haley's sister for information. He gets a call from RJ who asks him to pick him up. At first Riggs refuses, but then relents when RJ tells him he snuck out of the house.

Murtaugh questions the sister in the parking garage while Riggs talks to RJ about telling his parents the truth about what happened.

Bailey and Cruz continue to work the case when Murtaugh figures out the robbers are casing cars, not homes. The officer who pulled over RJ comes to talk to Murtaugh and tells him about the incident.

Murtaugh is on the phone with Trish and finds out Riggs took RJ home. Riggs shows up at the station and Murtaugh confronts him. It's not pleasant and ends with Murtaugh punching Riggs in the face.

At home he's talking to RJ when RJ mentions that Marcus is a valet. Murtaugh heads over to the valet shop. Riggs shows up, but Marcus isn't there because he was taken by the other thugs to do a job with them after they see that a cop was calling him. Coach Wiley is head of the robber gang.

Riggs and Murtaugh question the other valets and find out that Wiley is behind the robberies. They discover where the next hit is and head over there. At the house, the homeowners come home early interrupting the robbery and they're tied up. Wiley instructs Marcus to shoot them. Riggs and Murtaugh arrive just in time. Marcus takes off and Murtaugh follows. Wiley shoots Marcus and Murtaugh shoots Wiley.

Murtaugh, Trish, and RJ are at the hosptial. Marcus will survive. Trish and Murtaugh hug when Riggs shows up. He sees Murtaugh and family and leaves. Murtaugh sees him.

Avery tells them to kiss and make up and sends them to Dr. Cahill where she works with them. They kiss and make up. Murtaugh takes Riggs to his barber in the old neighborhood and it's just like old times. The bromance is back!

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