Yes, He's Crazy - Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 6
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A girl is running through neighborhood streets in her negligee, being chased and eventually killed by a red car. The driver gets out of the car.

Riggs is in bed and wakes up to someone playing loud music. He' s not too happy about it, and goes to another trailer across the way where three guys are playing music. They're from Amsterdam. Riggs rips the cord out of the amplifier and goes back to his trailer.

Murtaugh is showing off his new new "entertainment network."  Pictures show up on the screen including a selfie Rianna took in her underwear. Trish and Roger are upset. Even more so when R.J. shares that Rianna actually texted the picture out.

Trish goes to talk to Rianna and RJ tells Roger he memorized the number Rianna sent the picture to.

Riggs, Murtaugh, and Baliey are with Scorsese examining the dead girl's body. Roger pulls Bailey aside to ask her to find out all the information she can about the phone number Rianna sent the picture to.

Riggs and Murtaugh visit the car dealership where the car that killed the girl was from. While Murtaugh is questioning the salesman, Joseph, Riggs is playing with an orange car. He takes Joseph for a test drive. Riggs drives like a maniac until he gets the answer he wants...who bought the red car. After a bit of being terrorized by Riggs' driving, Joseph divulges the name. It's Dylan Ashworth.

When Riggs returns to the dealership, he tells Murtaugh he found the name of the buyer, but Murtaugh already found out the name as well, from another guy at the dealership.

They're sitting in Avery's office. He tells them about the Ashworth family. He warns Riggs about the Ashowrth's and their prominence.

Riggs and Murtaugh arrive at at pool on the Ashworth property. Riggs flirts with a girl. He finds out it's Dylan's place, but Julian's party. When he looks over at Julian, he sees that Julian is talking to a girl he recognizes from his past, Rachel. A friend of Miranda's. She sees him and takes off. He follows.

Murtaugh finds Dylan to ask questions. He never heard of the dead girl, Lena. He's sort of cocky. Murtaugh wants to talk in private. Instead Dylan gets out of the pool and bends down to snort cocaine. Murtaugh grabs him by the hair and arrests him for possession of narcotics.

Riggs chases after Rachel, but she gets in a car and takes off. Meanwhile, Murtaugh comes by with Dylan. Riggs tells Murtaugh about Rachel who used to be a Miranda's roommate.

Riggs is watching his wedding video. Rachel is talking. As he's trying to listen, he's interrupted again by the Amsterdam boys who are playing Duran Duran..again. Riggs takes their acoustic guitar and smashes it.

Trish tries to talk to Rianna about the picture. RJ interrupts the conversation. He's obviously been eavesdropping.

Murtaugh is interrogating Dylan. Dylan knows nothing. He claims the car was stolen. Murtaugh is interrupted when Avery, Dylan's dad, and their attorney walk in. Avery warns Murtaugh about the case.

Riggs is at Rachel's place. She denies seeing him at the party, but he brings up the dead girl, and she's willing to talk. Riggs sees a picture of Miranda and Rachel. The apartment mailbox still has Miranda's last name on it. She gives information on where to find Julian. He warns her to stay away from Ashworth and Julian.

Riggs and Murtaugh are at a bar eavesdropping on a conversation Julian is having with another guy about forbidden fruits and how he can provide them.

Julian sees a girl and leaves to greet her. He gives her a card then leaves. Murtaugh and Riggs leave as well, each following one or the other.

Riggs pulls over Julian. Murtaugh is following the girl.

Riggs breaks Julian's side mirror off. he wants Julian out of the car. He finds Julian's black book with lots of names in it. Murtaugh breaks into the room where the girl went in after he hears noises. It turns out the girl is getting flogged. He calls Riggs to let him know they've got nothing and to let Julian go.

Bailey asks Scorsese if he has an update on the substance found on the victim's foot. Is this part of the show or is it part of the commercial, because it sort of flows right into the Microsoft commercial. Confusing. Scorsese asks for Bailey's number. 

Bailey has information about the phone number Murtaugh gave him. the guy has a record. He also posted the picture of Rianna on his Facebook page.

Riggs and Murtaugh show up at the boyfriend's place on the beach. Murtaugh wants to take him down, but Riggs keeps Murtaugh at bay, preventing him from going all crazy on the guy. Riggs has an idea.

They send Chauncey into the party to pickpocket Julian. They got his black book. Riggs visits Rachel for answers about the book. He lied about her name being in the book, but she falls for it. She doesn't know any of the names in the book. She tells him that Dylan didn't murder the girl because he was with her the entire night. Riggs leaves.

A short time later, Julian shows up at her door. He wants her to party with someone.

Scorsese tells Bailey the substance on the bottom of the victim's foot was sap from a very rare Japanese tree. He found three other unsolved murders with similar m.o's.

Trish shows up at the station and confronts Murtaugh about Chauncey. She learns about his having other Rianna's and posting the picture on his Facebook page. She's not happy.

Avery asks Bailey what she's working on. She's working on the book. Between her, Avery, and Scorsese who comes in with information, they deduce that it was the father who probably killed the girl.

Rachel is being taken to a mansion where people are dressed for sex. It's a sex party. Dylan's dad wanted Rachel and he comes out to greet her. Rachel isn't interested and wants to leave, but is taken away by a bodyguard. Her bracelet falls off as she's taken away.

She's taken to Ashworth's room where a camera is set up. He starts pulling stuff out of a case. 

Riggs and Murtaugh show up at the house looking for Henry Ashworth. Riggs sees Rachel's bracelet. They go into the house. Rachel is able to break free from Henry. She takes off her shoes to run. Henry chases after her. Riggs arrests Julian looking for information on Rachel.

Rachel is running much like the girl from the beginning of the hour. She's being chased by an SUV. he's about to run her over when Riggs, who's following in his car, shoots and sends the SUV careening over Rachel. She's okay. He walks away with her as the SUV blows up.

Murtaugh gets home to find his daughter sleeping on the couch. He apologizes about his behavior.She doesn't understand why he was so upset about a picture. They have a heart to heart.

Riggs visits Rachel who is packing up to move. She's going back to Wisconsin.

Riggs is putting his wedding DVD away when he hears a truck. Turns out Murtaugh is having the Amsterdam boys removed.  Riggs and Murtaugh are sitting on the beach enjoying a couple of beers. Riggs shares a Miranda story. He chose this spot to camp because it was Miranda's spot, where she used to go to clear her head.




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Joseph, don't listen to him. You are bronze, beautiful, and powerful.


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