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A surfer gets pushed by another surfer while riding the waves.

Riggs walks on the beach and finds a dead guy. When he turns the guy over, it's his dad with his face shot off. It was a nightmare. Riggs talks to Cahill about not being able to sleep. He doesn't get into specifics. He wants her to prescribe something.

Roger can't sleep either because Trish's phone was buzzing all night. She's getting texts from a guy named Scott.

They're called to a scene. The surfer from earlier is dead. It reminds Riggs of his dream and he focuses on a crow.

Roger questions Avery about Scott. Bowman and Bailey tell them about the dead surfer. Bowman talks about a surf gang and Murtaugh makes fun of it. Bailey suggests they run point on this case because Bowman used to surf on the beach and is familiar.

Riggs and Murtaugh investigate a noise complaint about The Shore boys when Riggs sees another crow. He hasn't slept at all.

The guy ass his kid Austin if he knows anything, but he has an attitude. Riggs messes up a cappuccino machine. He gives them information about Cody Lewis, the leader o the surf gang. Meanwhile, Bowman and Bailey are at a bar and everyone is in love with Bowman for punching a shark and saving kids. They find Cody Lewis and go chasing after him. Riggs and Murtaugh arrive and chase after him too.

Riggs is overdosed on coffee and is chasing him on foot. Rog is in the car.

They end up getting their guy with Riggs jumping over the car. There's another raven nearby and Riggs pulls his gun on it.

Riggs is questioning Cody who tells him that the beach is his. Riggs thinks one of the Shore boys put a blad in the guys head.

Riggs and Murtaugh talk to Scorsese about the possibility of the surfer dying from a propeller blade.

Murtaugh shows up at the charity event and discovers that Scott is actually Scottie Pippen who is delivering the keynote speech.

Riggs heads to the beach to do some late night diving by the scene of the crime. He finds a boat with some drugs hiding.

Scottie is giving his speech. Murtaugh is in the audience and makes a big deal which interrupts Scottie. Roger gets a call from Riggs to arrest Tom Noble and he makes another scene at the event.

Riggs and Murtaugh question Noble about the boat. Noble filed a police report that his boat was missing. Avery lets Noble go. Noble claims it was the Shore boys. Avery and Riggs are impressed that Scot was Scottie Pippen.

Roger brings flowers home as an apology to Trish.Trish gets a text from Scott again and Trish catches him. He's concerned that Pippin sent kissy face emojis.

Riggs is in another nightmare. His dad is at his place making him breakfast. His face is still shot off. He made him breakfast which had something gross in it. Riggs wakes up in the office. He tells Roger that he's having nightmares but won't go into detail. 

Roger is still concerned about the emojis and talks to Riggs about it. Riggs tells Roger that Austin may be the one they need to question. Meanwhile, the Shore gang takes Austin hostage because the coke is gone from the boat.

Riggs breaks into Cahill's office looking for amphetamines. He says he will talk to her about it after the case is done.

Bailey congrats Bowman on punching the shark and Bowman admits it was a dolphin instead. She cracks up. They find Cody driving Austin's car and he tells them about a group of skinheads. The major player's name is Duke.

Roger and Riggs tells Noble about Duke. He doesn't know where Austin is. Noble says he got a call from Austin that he was kidnapped but hung up and didn't believe him. As he's talking he gets a Skype request from Austin. He's tied up They take off one of his fingers just to make their point. They want a million dollars to let him go.

Roger and Murtaugh get to the place where they are holding Austin and get into a gunfight with the gang. Riggs finds a cellar door in the floor and goes down it while Murtaugh only has one bullet left. While in the cellar, Riggs has hallucinations about his dad. He was apparently afraid of the dark growing up.

Murtuagh uses his one shot to blow up a truck and the guy. Riggs takes down the guy holding Austin.

Austin talks about what happened to the surfer. He's going to be booked but not for murder.

Avery wants Roger to go home and apologize to Trish.

Bailey gives Bowman a bunch of reports about dophin attacks to make him feel better.

Roger apologizes to Trish. They make up.

Riggs is having another nightmare. This time there's a gun on the table. He picks it up and points it at his father but puts it under his own chin instead. He wakes up startled.

He ends up in Cahill's office ready to talk.


Lethal Weapon
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Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Dude. Chillax. Surf lingo.

Avery [to Murtaugh]

Trish: I am so sorry I kept you up, but did you just sneak a look at my phone?
Roger: I didn't sneak. I thought you were in a group chat with Eddie Murphy and Steve Harvey's moustache.