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A cop finds a guy shot in the head a dumpster.

Trish and Roger talk about a preschool for Harper.

Martin is eating at Molly's restaurant. Molly kisses him. 

Roger and Riggs investigate the murder in the dumpster.

Riggs asks Cahill for a psych profile of a suspect. He talks to her about the kiss with Molly.

Riggs interrogates Jonah about the dead guy. He believes he's being framed by Elvis.

Cahill gets out in the field when Jonah escapes. Molly confronts Riggs in front of Cahill. Cahill says she likes Molly.

The Murtaughs get a visit from the school's headmaster.

Cahill and Riggs go the diner that Jonah frequents. They find him.  He insists they have to stop Elvis.

Riggs is interrogating Jonah again.He talks about an Elvis who controls traffic. 

Elvis is causing traffic problems in Hollywood. An armored truck gets robbed by a couple of Elvis'.

Martin finds Molly on a tour bus.She ends up accompanying him on a chase while she gives him her list on why they shouldn't date. Riggs can't catch up too the armored truck so Molly drives while Riggs jumps on the truck. Roger shows up and they stop the truck and arrest the robbers.

Molly and Riggs go on a date and end up spending the night (implied) together.

Lethal Weapon
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Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Roger: If I'm going to be stuck with grumpy Riggs all day, I should at least know why.
Riggs: Molly kissed me yesterday.

I think it's best if you stay single.