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A truck driver gets pulled over. He's watching the cops go through the back of his truck, throws a lit cigarette in there and then the cab blows up.

Riggs goes looking for a Christmas tree with Molly and the boy. Riggs get stuck taking a family picture. It's adorable.

The Murtaughs are getting ready for their trip. Diego, a former guy he busted,  calls Murtaugh wanting to talk but changes his mind after seeing a guy drive by. 

Riggs and Murtaugh are called to the scene of a murder. It's Diego. Murtaugh is upset.

They got to an exclusive club to question Jasper, find a gun, coke and go chasing them. Riggs doesn't jump the building to chase after because he doesn't want to die today. He wants Ben to have a nice Christmas. 

Murtaugh is depressed about Diego. Riggs is trying to cheer him up.

Riggs talks to Ben about Ben's dad.

Roger goes to a strip club to question a girl who had texted Diego's phone. He's supposed to be at the airport.Murtaugh talks with Crystal.

Trish calls Riggs to get him to the airport. Riggs shows up at the club with Ben. Riggs goes in to talk with Crystal.

Gunfight battle at the club.

Molly calls Riggs out about what happened at the strip club.

Riggs and Murtaugh go back to the exclusive club.

Riggs opens up to Murtaugh about his dad and what happened with Jake. It's about time.

The bad guys go after Murtaugh and Riggs. Riggs is attacked in his car while Murtaugh is attacked at home.

The guys leave before they're able to kill Riggs.

Riggs drives his truck into Roger's house expecting to save him from the bad guys, but Roger had the situation handled.

Riggs is at Molly's when his dad calls from jail. HIS DAD IS ALIVE?!




Lethal Weapon
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