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The episode opened with Nate meeting the Italian Woman in a parking garage where she told him that Damien Moreau was coming to Boston “sort of”. Then we see a civilian scientist working in her lab when three people in ski-mask break in take pictures and some documents and the scientist.

Just as the scientist throws a fit the top floor of the building explodes and Parker, Eliot, and Hardison take their mask off and explained they just saved her life. She is a scientist of General Atherton, who is working with Damien Moreau.

Nate and his team found that Moreau was selling an EMP bomb that Gen. Atherton was working on. Eliot got himself and Hardison into see Moreau, where we learned that Eliot use to work for Moreau. Moreau offers to tell Eliot of the meeting place if he would do a job for him, and kill Gen Moreau.

After speaking to Nate and the team Eliot appeared to do the job for Moreau as the team faked Atherton’s death. Nate and Eliot show up at the auction place and time while Sophie, Hardison, and Parker chased the EMP bomb on a train.

At the meeting point they found the Italian Woman tied to a chair and just as they freed her, Moreau called Eliot to gloat that he knew that Eliot was working for the good guys. Eliot got Nate and the woman out of the warehouse and they met Moreau at the airport right after Hardison blew up the EMP bomb.

Nate revealed to Moreau that he was framing him for the crimes that the Italian Woman had him do months ago. Moreau shot her just as he got on his plane to San Lorenzo which has no extradition.

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Leverage Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Parker: Who taught you to drive?
Sophie: Taxi driver in Istanbul
Parker: I like it.

Nate: Let's go steal Department of Defense.
Parker: Isn't that treason?
Nate: We will give it back.